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Birkenstocks ?

Posted by Angie E on 1/31/04 at 14:29 (143329)

With no side foot support, doesn't the birkenstock sandals bother your feet?


Re: Birkenstocks ?

Carole C in NOLA on 1/31/04 at 14:50 (143330)

Birkenstocks are beyond any doubt the most widely liked shoe among those with plantar fasciitis who post here. The orthotic footbed does have a ridge around the outer edges, and overall Birkenstocks provide plenty of support for my feet.

However, I wouldn't recommend Birkenstocks for running or long walks; an athletic shoe with custom orthotics is better for that sort of activity. Birkenstocks are most helpful for those with acute PF, who need the support. When my PF was acute, I didn't run or go for long walks anyway. It hurt too much!

Now that my PF is healed, I still wear them around the house and to work. However, I wear my NB 991's if I'm going for a long walk.

Carole C