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Posted by Yevone L on 1/31/04 at 20:04 (143353)

I had surgery on my right foot in September of 2003. I have to stand on concrete floors for 8 to 10 hrs a day. I was not having any problems at first but now I am. My heels hurts so bad that I could cry. The foot dr. cut the ligaments in my foot. But he did not take out the spur I have. Could you please tell me what would be a good shoe to work in. I have tried Reeboks, Nikes, and Rockies. I wolud appreciate any help that you can give me. Thank you Yevone

Re: heelspurs

Dr. Z on 1/31/04 at 21:10 (143355)

SAS sneakers. Many times the surgical release can cause biomechanical problems that you are experiencing. Working on cement is a killer for your poor feet. Can you get off the hard cement?