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ESWT sceduled for 2/3/04 I'm canceling now!

Posted by monica g on 2/01/04 at 12:21 (143378)

I am scheduled to have the Ossatron shockwave procedure in 2 days. After spending hours of reading everyone's posts, I am VERY discouraged. I haven't read one person who posted after having this treatment, who had a full success and no more pain. I have lived with PF for 3 years now and am giving up on my pod. Obviously, no one knows how to cure this, it's just all about taking guesses and trying different things. I have tried everything from special fitted orthotics molded from my foot, to exercises,resting, anti-inflammatories (bextra is a miracle drug for me but I don't want to be on it the rest of my life either), taping, stretching, etc. It comes and goes depending how much of a normal life I live. If I sit here all day long the pain goes away. I do not have morning pain, just stiffness. I have pain after I'm on my feet for too long. Shopping is just pretty much not a part of my life anymore. :( Neither is going bare footed or mowing my lawns. I wish all of you luck and hope I don't end up walking with a cane the rest of my life. I'm looking forward to someone finally figuring out the cure for this that can help EVERYONE and that is not just a 'guees.'

Re: ESWT sceduled for 2/3/04 I'm canceling now!

Dr. Z on 2/01/04 at 12:34 (143379)


IF you use the search engine on this site you will find people who had cures with ESWT. I am NOT sure if you are even an ESWT candidate from your statement that you have no morning pain.
I have posted many times the inclusion criteria for ESWT. Again use the search engine to review who should and who shouldn't have ESWT. Good Luck

Re: ESWT sceduled for 2/3/04 I'm canceling now!

Don L. on 2/01/04 at 14:35 (143407)

Monica, I had ESWT four weeks ago (Dornier Epos Ultra). Before I had this done I made sure my pod used this machine. I felt I got my money's worth. Starting to notice impovement. I use custom orthotics at all times. I tape aggressively twice a day (using Scotts method, healspurs.com). I found that taping lasts longer when combined with orthotics. I use heat. I think its too early to stretch, not worth the risk.

My PF sounds similar to what you describe except I've had it for less than two years. I have insertional PF without first step pain. Before ESWT I could stand less than five minutes before the pain set in. Now I can stand for twenty minutes without pain. Before ESWT my PF stayed the same no matter what I did, shots, tape, rest, stretch, and oral meds. Never got better, never got worse. Cast, crutches, cane, crawling, no effect either way.

Monica, although I think the pod and the machine make all the difference, I would have ESWT done. Good luck.

Re: ESWT sceduled for 2/3/04 I'm canceling now!

Mark L on 2/01/04 at 15:05 (143412)

Monica, before you make any final decisions I'de love to chat with you- if you wish to do so you can post an e-mail address- you can set up a temporary one with yahoo etc .

Re: ESWT sceduled for 2/3/04 I'm canceling now!

monica g on 2/01/04 at 17:36 (143422)

Thanks for the reply Dr. Z. I have read your comments and I believe you know what you are talking about. No morning pain ... One of the main reasons I decided to cancel. I just called and left a message and canceled my surgery for the second time. I do not want to have to keep paying money in HOPES that one of the surgeries will work. I also have mortons neuromas in both feet and have had 3 surgeries for this. I still have the neuromas after being seen by 4 different pods. Thanks again :)

Re: ESWT sceduled for 2/3/04 I'm canceling now!

Dr. Z on 2/01/04 at 17:41 (143423)

I will try either RFL and or cryotherapy. These seem to help and or cure
any type of local nerve pain in the heel area. The search engines have some very good discussions about these types of treatments. Good luck

Re: Don L.

monica g on 2/01/04 at 17:44 (143425)

My pod has only had his license since 1998. That doesn't mean he isn't a good pod, I think he's great. I asked for the ESWT, he didn't recommend it until I brought it up. I'm desperate I guess! It would have been the Healthtronics OssaTron Shockwave procedure and I was scheduled for anesthetics. (I was told I would need them because it would be too painful otherwise.) He hasn't done very many of these procedures...Maybe 6?They have to bring the machine in from Seattle (I live 3 hours away) so I sure hope they aren't ticked when they have to bring it back! My insurance is BCBS and they supposedly authorized it but wont tell me how much it will cost until they get the bill. One of the other out of the many, reasons I canceled today.
Thanks for your reply. I am glad to hear that this worked for you and is helping. It gives me hope. I plan on trying a little harder on correcting this myself. Less exercise, more rest, more tape, no barefooted days, etc. I guess when it gets unbearable again, I will get back on here in hopes I see more posts of success!
Thanks again!

Re: Mark L.

monica g on 2/01/04 at 17:48 (143426)

(email removed)
I already canceled my surgery for the second time. I'm terrified of having other side effects (shooting pain in heal and up my leg, a possibility of my heal being fractured?!? yikes! and last but not least, too much shock on my fascia with a possiblity of a tear in it?) I also do not want to have to keep going back and having second and third treatments. I guess I'll never have an instant cure like most surgeries but it would sure be nice if someone had a cure instead of a guess.

Re: ESWT sceduled for 2/3/04 I'm canceling now!

Helen S on 2/02/04 at 17:14 (143493)

Dont give up Monica, I have had PF for over 15 years, I had a plantar release over 10 years ago and had about 4 years of pain relief. It then came back again and have suffered for the last 5 years, like you trying everything. My life seems to be a carbon copy of yours practically housebound no shopping, no walking, totally depressed. However I had ESWT just before Christmas and was told to expect nothing for about 6-12 weeks, and I can honestly say this last week there has definetly been an improvement, not a lot but I actually walked to the stables at the bottom of our lane last week and stood and stroked the horses for 5 mins. (In a blizzard with wellingtons on which I havent worn for years) Im amazed, Im not pain free by any means but things have improved. They say it can take up to twelve months to fully heal. Im not giving up. Ive cried buckets with pain, dont give up. It wont do any harm.