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True Facts

Posted by Mark L on 2/01/04 at 13:49 (143392)

I am very distressed at the misinformation about high energy ESWT I ahve seen posted here.

Fact: YThe Dornier Epos U has a wider range of flux density energy than the Ossatron 0.03 - 0.98 mj/mm2 vs. 0.09 - 0.34 mj/mm2. Healthtronics is using Enron type math in order to claim that the Ossatron has a wider rtange of energy

Fact: The energy level shock to shock of the Dornuier is more consistant that the Ossatron

Fact: The information that Healthtronics disememinated in order to entice investors is being questioned.

Fact: The application of ESWT treatment with the Dornier usually has a very low level of patient discomfort. I have personally observed quite a number of ESWT treatments with the Epos where the patient actually fell asleep with nothing more than a PT and Sural block with as little as a total of 6cc. of 1% Lidocaine.

Fact: I have spoken with several podiatrist who have done 15+ treatments each with the Epos and who state that they have experienced 95%+ patient satisfaction 6 months post treatment

Re: True Facts

Dr. Z on 2/01/04 at 14:09 (143397)


While I agree with many of your facts that you have stated about the dornier I would like add some additional information

Both the dornier and the ossatron deliver about the same amount of energy at F2 for the treatment of plantar fasciitis

Yes the electromagnetic dornier has more consistant energy per shockwave then the sparkgap ossatron
Why healthtronic's is trying to market that they are the only true high energy machines I have no idea. Both the Ossatron and the Dornier are both Class three high energy FDA approved machines for the treatment of Chronic pf
I agree with the statement about treatment discomfort there is very little if any pain and or discomfort during the treatment
Your survey of podiatrists who state that they have a 95% patient satisfaction needs clarification. Are we talking about a Roles/ Maudsley scoring or a VAS. What type of feedback is being used. The one year FDA follow up for the dornier was 94%, not six months.

Re: True Facts

Pete R on 2/01/04 at 14:14 (143402)

ESWT seemed to be very popular on this site a year ago and I myself had 2 treatments. Seems that it is less discussed on the ESWT section mainly because so little success

Re: True Facts

Dr. Z on 2/01/04 at 14:31 (143405)

It's more popular then ever. Not sure about anything being popular on this site due to the nature of chronic pain. Am I correct in saying that your specific case lacked any significant first morning pain or any time you sit and try to walk you have pain?

Re: True Facts

Mark L on 2/01/04 at 14:34 (143406)

The reults that I stated were not as the result of any statistical number crunching- these are patients who have simply reported that after ESWT their life style is no longer influenced by foot pain and discomfort. They are back to near normal activities- pain almost no longer has any impact on their life style- they are glad that they tried the therapy- would do it to their other foot if needed and would recomend it to their friends and relatives. No significant discomfort during the treatment- most stated that the block was significantly more uncomfortable than the therapy. The time it took for the therapy to have an effect level so that the patient started being able to resume a near normal life style was very varied- from almost immediate relief-to gradual relief over months- to no relief for a while and then a fairly quick onset of relief- to a rollerb coaster type of recovery with each downhill less than the previous one and each uphill peak greater than the one before.
Now a ? for Dr Z: Based on the current state of the art of ESWT, do you feel that a podiatrist currently has an obligation to advise their PF patients to consider ESWT post failed conservative therapy and pre consideration of surgery?

Re: True Facts

Dr. Z on 2/01/04 at 14:45 (143408)

My opinion is obvious. The question is what is the standard of care and that is something that will be debated until one of our medical/podiatric surgical boards takes a position. They do have position statements that come very close to agreeing with my opinion but just come out and say it. Why? we all know why but then doctors who don't use eswt will say that my position is based on the fact that I own an eswt equipment company. The fact is I have performed hundreds pf releases and thousands of eswt procedures and state my opinion based on my experience.

I will give you some very good initial news that will help to resolve the questions that keep coming up. Does ESWT work and what is the short term and long term sucess rate. Excellence Shockwave Therapy Group is going to be joining forces with a VERY LARGE WELL KNOWN MEDICAL COLLEGE that does researh and publications . This will be the first time that an outside source will be doing the reporting and we will do the treating. In my opinion this is as close as get to the FDA study in the USA.