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Can someone help sith explaination

Posted by David D. on 2/01/04 at 15:45 (143414)

I've been to several pod and havent really got an understanding as to what I've got. One Pod said that I had Calcium deposits that acted like a pencil point scratching the back of my tendon, the other said that the calcium has a consistancy of toothpaste and doesnt iritate anything. The Pod that said the calcium was hard, would be broken up by the ESWT shockwaves, makes since to me. The other Pod said ESWT might work but not for that reason. My pain is on the back of my heel, and is brought on by basketball etc. I've had it pretty constant for about 10 years. Thanks for any help David

Re: Can someone help sith explaination

Mark L on 2/01/04 at 19:24 (143436)

Although treating achilles tendinitis with ESWT is not FDA approved it apparantly works very well. Want more info- post your e-mail address and we'll discuss this privately.

Re: Can someone help sith explaination

Dr. Z on 2/01/04 at 19:35 (143439)

ESWT is very effective for chronic insertinal tendonosis. The calification has nothing to do with your pain in most cases. The calcification is the result of micro tearing of the tendon where it attaches to the back of the heel. Repetitive motion injury such as basketball and other high impact sports is what is the culprit behind this very painful condition.
Before ESWT is considered it is important to make a correct diagnosis. I
was the first physician in the USA to use ESWT for this specific tendon with much success. I have patient post eswt four years plus. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Re: Can someone help with explaination

David D. on 2/01/04 at 19:50 (143442)

Thanks a lot for the input, my E-mail address is (email removed)