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Dr. Z, Dan D & Others

Posted by rsk on 2/01/04 at 21:36 (143446)


I have been reading the latest posts on ESWT and have a few questions. I posted earlier abt my ESWT and the dosage I was given, but another poster said that the dosage I was given is not effective;

Dr Z

I would like your opinion on this pls. Here are the details;

It was a Dornier machine and the doc gave me a total of 2400 shots. 1000 shots at level 4 and 400 at level 5 and 1000 at level 6. I specifically asked him if I can take Vioxx and Glucosmine after ESWT, he said that there is no known proof that taking these supplements/anit-inflamatory will have adverse effect on the ESWT results. Anyways I have decided to layoff these meds to see if there is any improvements. He said that if required I can go for another session after 2 or 3 weeks. Can you pls give your opinions on this.


You said that you see some improvements with the pain after your ESWT. Can you pls tell me how many days after the ESWT you see improvements. The general opinion is that it takes atleast 4 to 6 weeks for ESWT to take effect. My doc also said the same thing. But right after the ESWT my heels were numb and I didnt feel any pain. Cna you also let us know your dosage.

thanks for all the help


Re: Dr. Z, Dan D & Others

Dr. Z on 2/01/04 at 22:10 (143449)

The dose and protocol that you had isn't the FDA protocol that dornier applied for in this country. It appears that you are receiving a low energy protocol similiar to the sonocur low energy treatment. The dornier has the ability to administer both low,medium and high energy treatment protocol.
Is this non effective as MarkL has stated. Well ask your foot. There are studies showing that low energy can and does resolve plantar fasciitis such as yours. It works only on the pain receptors and there is no direct biological effect called cavitation which is necessary to achieve direct tissue healing. Ok back to english no pain in your foot it worked and there is literature backing this up
I use the FDA protocol because it has been tested in the USA. I use low energy on non insertional achilles tendonitis
This is why I feel it is important for posters such as mark to either
state who they are or state the sources that prove that what they say is true.
Ok bottom line you appear to be getting relief and you doctor is really helping you. There is no know literature stating that nsaid will interfere with your process. IF I had a choice I would avoid nsaid two weeks before and three months after if possible

Re: Dr. Z, Dan D & Others

rsk on 2/02/04 at 20:51 (143508)

Dr Z

Can you pls let me know what is the FDA approved dosage for the dornier machine is. I tried to find in the FDA website but cant get the info. My doc may not know as we are in Singapore and not in the US. I would appreciate if you could give me this info.

Thanks for the help


Re: Dr. Z, Dan D & Others

Dr. Z on 2/02/04 at 21:07 (143511)


The dornier that your doctor is using has different settings then the dornier I am using in the USA. IT is not possible to compare the two. I want to make this very clear. Just because your doctor is using a different protocol doesn't make it a failure or wrong. It is just another way. I am sure he has experience and knows what he is doing.