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foot pain post ESWT

Posted by Anne D. on 2/02/04 at 08:14 (143457)

I had ESWT on January 7,2004. I stayed off of the foot for two days, elevated, ice, etc. When I went back to normal activities, I was pain free. 9 days post ESWT, I had to go to New York City. Of course travel, walking in the airport etc. is not a normal day for me, however, it is a frequent and necessary part of my work. My foot hasn't been the same since. I am in so much pain. But the pain is not the same as my Plantar Facisits pain. The pain seems to be in the area of the lidocaine shots. It is tender to the touch and my arch feels very tight, but unstretchable(if I try to stretch I feel a searing kind of burning pain). I am so upset, as I am in sales and need to be on my feet alot. I have suffered from PF for close to 4 years now. I have done everything from steroids, taping, night splints, orthotics, ice, heat, non-steroidals, tylenol, flat shoes, short of acupuncture or witch craft, I have done it all. What is next? I am so frustrated!!

Re: foot pain post ESWT

rsk on 2/02/04 at 21:03 (143510)


Been there done that. I can actually understand your frustration and I guess most ppl here would too. I also tried most of the things you mentioned but did not help. So I decided to go for surgery. I was a few days away from my surgery but then decided to go for another 2 sessions of ESWT instead of surgery. When I did all these traetments I noticed that there was one element missing REST. I would do my ESWT (did abt 3 sessions before) and go to office straight from the clinic. Though i have a desk job , i still walked around for meetings , lunch etc. But this time I am doing a few things different. I did my ESWT 4 days ago and I am also going for Ayurveda (it is a Indian traditional treatment) treatment simultaneously. But this time I am adding 1 month rest along with these 2. I ma also using nite splint. There is one thing I have noticed , whether it is modern medicine (ESWT and stuff) or traditional Indian (ayurveda) of chinese (accupuncture) there is only one thing all of them try to achieve. That si good blood circulation to the feet and enable the growth of new cells in the afected area. For this if you are on your feet it will not help bcoz the blood circulation is not good in the feet when you stand. so what I am doing these days is sit on my ass and keep my feet elevated with our any shoes so that the blood can flow withour any hindrence. I am hoping that tis will help. ut lets see

One more thing I forgot. Pls note that ESWT takes sometime to take effect. Could be weeks or months. So you need ti give it some rest. thats my 2 cents.