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Even in football

Posted by Pauline on 2/02/04 at 08:59 (143459)

I guess people got what they paid for. Sleaze at halftime.

We'd better find something to do with our kids during halftime from now on or at least find a way to explain WHEN it's 'OK' to tear of a woman's clothing.

'Jackson's portion of the halftime show featured Cabaret-inspired dancers, some dressed only in red underwear below the waist. Choreography included sexual innuendo and crotch grabbing.

Kid Rock's portion of the show included references to hookers, methadone clinics and beer consumption'.

Anything new here, I don't think so. Maybe next year they will work in a full blown rape live in center field.

Re: Even in football

Kathy G on 2/02/04 at 10:41 (143464)


True football fans have long made fun of these half-time extravaganzas. How they started, I'll never know. They have nothing to do with the game or the NFL. It was CBS who made the decision to let the halftime show be directed by MTV. What in the world did they expect? Even if Janet Jackson's breast hadn't been exposed, the whole program was tasteless and disgusting. I know I'm old but none of it was music as far as I'm concerned.

When my children were young, I didn't have to keep them out of the room during the halftime shows but I would feel that way now. I also found some of the ads to be distasteful. I also mentioned to my husband that Mike Ditka's ad for Levitra would lead to young children, who are often allowed to stay up to watch the Superbowl, asking their parents what erectile dysfunction is. I don't understand what's going on in television but there are things on commercial television these days that we wouldn't have seen on cable five years ago.

I hope that the NFL makes some sort of statement apologizing for the halftime show. I know that CBS had already done so by eleven o'clock last night.

Re: Even in football

Rick R on 2/02/04 at 12:27 (143469)

Pauline, Kathy,
I was offended albeit amused by the entire halftime sleaze fest. I'm no prude but context and timing do matter. The whole thing was garbage not just the final flash. I'd probably expel a foreign object from a dark place if I could understand the lyrics. What offends me far more is the arbitrary application of the law. I don't know Texas law but I rather suspect if I tore off some woman's top exposing stuff, I'd be arrested on the spot for an assault of a sexual nature. After the woman said she was in on it then we'd both be arrested for public indecency, lewd behavior or whatever. Then, when the local grocer chimes in, it was all a sales stunt, we would all be charged and taken for a visit with the judge. So what has happened or will happen to the maggots that were behind this? The local law enforcement officials should have enforced the law on the spot as they would anybody else. Now that's a halftime show for you!

I have heard a suggestion that it was common knowledge that MTV was doing the halftime and we should have known what to expect. Between 12 14 hour work days, working most Saturdays or traveling to see my daughter, spending a good part of Sunday's at church going to breakfast/lunch with my wife, watching football and working around the house, it managed to fly under my radar.


Re: Even in football

wendyn on 2/02/04 at 12:55 (143473)

Glad to hear that you all feel the same about the half time show. I thought I was just getting old.

Re: Even in football

Lari S. on 2/02/04 at 13:02 (143474)

I'd love to see Viacom buried under an irate avalanche of complaints. They are the parent company of both CBS and MTV, thus the halftime show going to MTV. For that matter, they could do away with the halftime show all together as far as I'm concerned. It's gotten so raunchy that it's a joke. Give me a good marching band any day over that junk! The commercials used to be the only thing worth watching, and even they have gotten out of hand with who they sell advertising slots to. Did we really need 2 different RX's for erectile dysfunction??

Re: Even in football

Suzanne D. on 2/02/04 at 14:53 (143482)

Amen, Lari! =D>

Suzanne :)

Re: Even in football

Rick R on 2/02/04 at 15:33 (143487)


My comments are more relevant for someone such as yourself, too busy to research every stinking development in the entertainment industry and still raising a fairly young one. As I recall he has a way with women so it may be too late to be sheltering him. I'm not too concerned that my 17 year old or the 20 somethings saw a vulgar display. I am getting old so don't feel too good benchmarking against my standards!


Re: Even in football

BrianG on 2/02/04 at 15:59 (143490)

As far as I can remember the first person to be lewd at the Super Bowl half time, was Michael Jackson, grabbing his crotch. So, the more things change, the more they stay the same. If my grandfather was alive, he'd say 'it's just another sign the end is near'!!


Re: Even in football

Kathy G on 2/03/04 at 13:56 (143556)

Oh, I remember that Michael Jackson halftime show well. That was when MTV was in its prime and pushing the buttons of decency and most of the kids had seen Jackson's actions on videos. I had fixed our remote so that in order for my son to watch MTV, he had to purposely hit the specific numbers. The remote wouldn't just automatically go to it if you pushed the up buttons. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have a job where I was I was home when he was home from school and he and I had many discussions about what was proper and improper and also what showed respect for women. Actually, we had some great discussions about self-respect as well since some of the men were just as bad as the women back then. Do you remember some of George Michael's videos?

I should actually thank MTV because I got to impart my message without coming across as preaching and it helped me to broach many subject that may have been harder to approach under other circumstances. Fortunately, my son and later, my daughter, weren't much for watching television. In my son's case, if he watched anything, it was ESPN. My daughter just didn't watch much MTV. It was quite interesting because since there's seven years between them, my son wouldn't allow his MTV to be on when my daughter was little. If he had a friend over, he just told them he didn't want her to see it. I thought that was hilarious.

To this day, I don't understand the correlation between football and popular music. It just eludes me.

Re: Even in football

JudyS on 2/03/04 at 16:46 (143572)

Oh Pauline that entire halftime show was pure trash. The rapper fella grabbed his crotch about twenty times, the lyrics, when one could even understand them, were disgusting. I kept waiting for that part of the performance that was supposed to reach my demographics but it didn't happen. Does the NFL not understand that the people who can afford their tickets are NOT mtv afficianados?

It was all insulting and disgusting and, of course, Janet Jackson's stunt was the icing on that cake. What a low-brow loser she is.

I heard someone on a talk show say 'When are we going to take back this country?' in response to the above subject matter. He was right.

What the heck, I wonder, did the NFL expect when they decided to have mtv produce their halftime program?

Re: Kid Rock, and the flag

BrianG on 2/03/04 at 22:08 (143589)

I'd be willing to bet MTV had the half time show, as they most likely were the highest bidder. Greed at it's worst. Kid Rock was one of the obscenity freaks. And what makes it much worse, in my opinion, is that he was wearing the American Flag. Flag etiquette states 'The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery'. I have read that if the wearer is not aware of the etiquette, and the flag is being worn with respect, it is allowed. I didn't see Kid Rock showing any respect for it.

I think what he did, was much worse that Janet's little skin flash. Hopefully he will be addressed in the upcoming investigations.


Re: Kid Rock, and the flag

Kathy G on 2/04/04 at 09:15 (143605)

Well, here we could get into a dangerous discussion about First Amendment rights, although I hasten to say that I don't believe the flag should be desecrated in any way. My concern is that CBS, in an effort to appeal to the demographic that has the most disposable income (men between 18 and 25), sold out and spoiled what should have been a family show. CBS, in general, which brodcasts such shows as Judging Amy, David Letterman and happens to carry my favorite Boston news station, did a terrible job with the Superbowl this year. I don't know what the deal was, but the ads were even very offensive. Usually, there are one or two ads that everyone stand out but the only one that stood out for me was the one of Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones, along with assorted football players, singing 'Tomorrown.' And that was an NFL ad.

I sure hope that next year the NFL sells the rights to the Superbowl to another network and gets this under control. It besmirched a great football game and I doubt it did anything for any of the advertisers.

On the plus side, in the pregrame show, I thought Steven Tyler, as ridiculous as he looks, sounded great on 'Dream On.' But remember, I'm a rock and roll girl!

Re: Correction

Kathy G on 2/04/04 at 09:18 (143606)

The old fingers---that's what I'll blame for having said 'Tomorrown' instead of 'Tomorrow.' And as for the 'everyone stand out,' well, we'll blame that on the old mind!:'>

Re: Correction

john h on 2/04/04 at 09:56 (143610)

Kathy I thought 'tomorrown' sounded good.

Re: Kid Rock, and the flag

john h on 2/04/04 at 10:03 (143615)

I do no think we will see MTV in charge of the halftime entertainment in a long time. As to the demographics I do not know the facts but my perception of NFL football fans is they do not tend to be young. A ticket in a bad location at the superbowl sold for $500 and I would guess the good seats sold for $5000. You could make a down payment on a house for what hotels were charging. These are not the demographics of young people.I have watched every superbowl ever shown on TV and in my opinion this was the worst ever. A 30 second commercial went for approximately 2.7 million dollars. I heard that counting production cost Budweiser spent 37 million dollars on advertising. .