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The Patriots Won the Superbowl!

Posted by Kathy G on 2/02/04 at 10:34 (143462)

I know none of you care but the Patriots won in an excellent game that was tied until the last four seconds, when the Patriots kicker, Adam Viniateri, kicked a field goal. This was the way the Pats won their last Superbowl! He's a really nice guy and a talented kicker and he appears to have absolutely no ego problems. It was a pleasure to see him succeed.

For a fan of the Patriots, it was a fantastic game. For a fan of football in general, it was still football at its best. Superbowls are often very boring, one-sided games but this one wasn't.

I'm a happy person and soon there will be another package of Wheaties with the Patriots on it to go with the one I got in 2001. How long they'll last, I don't know but they'll be in my family archives, along with the newspaper reports of the game. My great, great grandchildren will think that one of their ancestors must have been crazy! They'll be right!8-}

Re: The Patriots Won the Superbowl!

Rick R on 2/02/04 at 12:32 (143471)

And a great game it was. I was the only one in the family pulling for the Pats. How about the odd quarters, defensive struggles, and even quarters, wide open offensive explosions! Of course the Bears spanking the Pats in 86 is still my favorite. Boy do my guys have a long way to go before I can get too lippy.


Re: The Patriots Won the Superbowl!

Lari S. on 2/02/04 at 12:52 (143472)

It was an excellent game of football, no matter what your favorite team is. The blowouts are so boring. I could have done without the halftime show...it obviously was not aimed at those of us watching it here. Congrats should go to both NE and CAR for a game well played.

Re: The Patriots Won the Superbowl!

Suzanne D. on 2/02/04 at 15:25 (143486)

I was, first, glad for you, Kathy, when the tie was broken and the Patriots won the game. And then, second, I was relieved there was no overtime as I was at our school cafeteria with our church youth where they were watching the game on a big projector screen and eating pizza that I picked up, etc. By the time it was over, I was really tired and glad to be able to go home after we got everything cleaned up and put away.

Thankfully, the kids all were either in the gym or walking around during halftime, and I'm glad they didn't see the show. Some of the adults there saw it and commented to my husband how risque it was.

I did think about you and was glad for you that they won! Sometimes I wish I were more of a sports fan. I feel like I'm missing something during times like last night. Maybe if I had a good idea about what was really going on when they played...:-/ Basketball, I understand. Football has always been something of a mystery to me. We didn't have it when I was in high school, and I just don't get it.

Well, congratulations to you, anyway!
Suzanne :)

Re: The Patriots Won the Superbowl!

Rick R on 2/02/04 at 18:31 (143501)

We gave up on having our youth group meet on superbowl Sunday. Talk about basketball, Saturday I witnessed a 5 - 11 (winless in the division)team knock off the #10 ranked Div III team in the nation. One of the greatest sporting events I have ever seen in any sport in person or on the tube. There seems to be so much lost the higher up the money chain you go. These kids know they will never make a living playing ball so they do it because they want to. Even in high school you have the superstars that will someday make it. It's the passion that's worth watching.


Re: The Patriots Won the Superbowl!

Suzanne D. on 2/02/04 at 20:46 (143506)

Yes, I agree, Rick. I can understand playing with the 'heart' as well as great talent and abilities. I enjoyed 'Remember the Titans' even if I still don't understand football! And I like the movie 'Hoosiers' for the same reasons.

Without the passion, it's just not the same. And I can realize the difference even though I am admittedly ignorant in the realm of sports.

Suzanne :)

Re: Halftime disgrace

Necee on 2/02/04 at 21:34 (143516)

Well.......my team didn't win, but thats ok, the game was great and very exciting, just as a Super Bowl game should be.....but, that halftime show was a disgrace!!! I was shocked and very disappointed.
With Kid Rock wearing the American flag as a poncho, he had a hole torn right in the middle of it, and then the others who screamed their way through their songs, grabbing themselves constantly, as they jumped around on stage, and then the real shocker with Janet Jackson.....we should have expected something rude and crude like that with MTV putting the show on.
They certainly scrapped the bottom of the barrel for performers this year!!


Re: Halftime disgrace

Carole C in NOLA on 2/02/04 at 22:12 (143521)

Those organizing the Super Bowl don't care what we think of halftime (obviously), but they do care about their pocketbooks. I hope that the advertisers 'get the message' on this, and threaten to withdraw their ads completely next year if halftime isn't cleaned up.

It was disgraceful, and in my opinion it was quite obviously planned in advance.

Carole C

Re: Halftime disgrace

Kathy G on 2/03/04 at 14:02 (143557)

The commissioner of football, Paul Tagliabue, issued an apology early yesterday. I don't know what will come of the FCC investigation but CBS could be in for some huge fines. It would be so nice if they would just get rid of these stupid half-time shows. We don't have them during the regular season or the playoffs and I don't see why we need them during the Superbowl. It said in the paper today that the MTV website warned that there was going to be a 'surprise' during the halftime show. I don't understand how CBS could have been so stupid.

Interestingly, Janet Jackson had an album due to come out this week and to no one's surprise, the first single from it was released to the stations yesterday, earlier than scheduled. If this is the only way she can sell albums, she's in big trouble. Of course, I personally don't think the girl has any talent. As for Justin Timberlake, I think it's pretty much agreed that he can't dance and he can't sing.

The game was super. Why don't they just let it be a football game?

Re: Suzanne - about football

Kathy G on 2/03/04 at 14:21 (143558)


When I was a little girl, my much-older cousins played on their high school football team. One of them went to college on a full-boat football scholarship, although he got injured and had to give up football. He then went on to become a track star. We used to go to many of their games so I was brought up around football but because I was so young, I really didn't understand the game.

When I was about nine, I started to watch the New York Giants games every Sunday with my father. It was from him I learned the basics of football. My husband likes the game but I love the game. When our son was about three, he became fascinated by the game. By the time he was four, I had to make him a chart, showing the standings of all the teams. He couldn't read so I wrote out the name of each team and then put the teams insignia next to the words. Every Monday morning, he and I would read the sports section in the Boston Globe and change the numbers in the win/loss columns. As he got older, and asked questions about where the teams were playing, my husband got an atlas and marked the locations of all the cities.

By the time he was nine, he left me in the dust. He knows more about football than anyone I've ever met. He has a mind for statistics and can bore you to tears with what I consider useless information but he continued to teach me about the game.

You'd find this interesting. When he was a student teacher, he designed a program for his fifth-grade students which was called 'Fantasy Football.' Each student chose a team and I'd have to ask him for all the particulars but he incorporated math, science, history, and geography into the program. None of the students were required to watch any Sunday games and he sent home letters to the parents explaining the program. Some of the teachers thought that the female students wouldn't be receptive but they turned out to be the most competitive.

The program was such a sucess that he was asked to present it to a New England middle school educational conference in RI. The fellow for whom he interned told me, at my son's wedding, that no student intern had ever made a presentation at one of these conferences. He continues to use the program as do all but one of the teachers at the school at which my son interned. The program has been entered into a nation-wide competition for middle school curricula and it may be incorporated in more schools nationally. My son, of course, never told me of all the accolades. He was just delighted that the students seemed to enjoy what they were doing and they were learning at the same time! The fact that he was creating some football fans in the process was just an added bonus.

He says it never would have happened if he hadn't had that crazy chart and atlas that we used back when he was so young!

So, you see, starting with my father and ending with my son, I had someone to both watch and explain football to me. I shouldn't leave out my husband who also has a great understanding of the game. The difference between him and me is that if it's a nice Sunday afternoon in the Fall, he wants to be out doing something. I'm willing to give up three hours to watch football!

Re: Suzanne - about football

Suzanne D. on 2/03/04 at 15:20 (143563)

Wow, Kathy! What great learning took place in your home, and what bonding you and your son had with your interests in football! I'm impressed.

And what a great project he began in the middle school with his 'Fantasy Football'. Integrating all subject areas into a theme which grabs students' attention is a well-documented way to teach to high levels. He should be proud that teachers are still using his project with their students. I believe that someday if he goes into teaching full-time, he will be one fine teacher. (I hope I'm remembering correctly that he doesn't teach at the present.)

If I could have sat in on the discussions you had with your son when he was little, maybe I could have learned, too!

Suzanne :)

Re: The Patriots Won the Superbowl!

JudyS on 2/03/04 at 16:49 (143574)

Yes Kathy - it WAS a good game! And I hadn't even intended to watch it! The superbowl is notorious for usually being a boring blowout.

Too bad that everyone was talking about Janet Jackson on Monday instead of the game itself.