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Change my mind AGAIN...surgery tomorrow...

Posted by monica g on 2/02/04 at 11:29 (143465)

Heck, I don't know if I'm doing the right thing or not. One day I'm going through with it because I'm tired of hurting and don't want to be like the people who post here and have had to use crutches. (And I thought I was BAD?!) The next day I'm pain free and think I can through this out without surgery if I lose about half of my weight! (Just kidding, maybe 20 pounds would help, I've already lost 70 and it has REALLY helped!) Well, today I'm having a GREAT day...pain free. (I have also stayed away from my weight lifting and cardio for 2 weeks though.) And I just canceled my next competition. Darn, I could have won this time too.
So, I'm on for surgery Ossa Tron therapy tomorrow. My insurance issues got straightened out and it wont cost me an arm and a leg now. (Or should I say a foot?)
I don't know anything about the machines, I'm hoping my doctor knows enough that he will do a nice job and not shoot too much shock waves in me. The posts about the after surgery side affects bother me, and I keep Dr. Z's 'D-machine' advice in my mind. I hadn't even heard of that machine until I read the posts.
Here's hoping they don't sever my tendon or cripple me for life. Being dramatic? Noooo, just not sure who I can trust. After 3 neuroma surgeries and no relief, do you blame me? And all the guessing? That probably bothers me the most.
Another thing, anyone want to go into business with me and make CUTE well fitting shoes? Berkenstocks are just so huge and expensive! lol That isn't a bad idea! Kind of like a well fitting bra...nothing better.
K, I'll shutup now.
Wish me luck all of you strangers who have something in common...poor feet! And thank you for all the replys for my last post. I'll keep you posted on how it works for me! Hoping I'll be one of the people with nothing but GOOD to say!

Re: Change my mind AGAIN...surgery tomorrow...

Jennifer on 2/02/04 at 14:49 (143481)

Monica- I cannot tell you one way or another on what to do. I myself had PFR two months ago, and would currently not recommend it. The ossatron appears to be less invasive and if I could go back I would have tried it first. I will say a prayer for you today that all goes well, and that you recover pain free. Best Wishes!-------Jennifer

Re: Change my mind AGAIN...surgery tomorrow...

monica g on 2/02/04 at 15:00 (143484)

Jennifer-thanks for the prayers. Sorry to hear that you ended up having to have PFR. I was scheduled for that until I read the posts on this message board and learned more about the surgery. I changed my mind and decided to try the ESWT first, even though it doesn't always work.
I hope you recover soon. Keep in mind that everyone who has PFR takes a different amount of time to mend. You might just be one of those people who takes a little longer but ends up with better results. Take it easy and get a lot of rest! (I'm sure you already know that though.) :)
My prayers will be with you too!

Re: Change my mind AGAIN...surgery tomorrow...

Will B. on 2/07/04 at 06:18 (143838)

One of the things I hear from doctors the most about sugeries is that patients are very impatient at times about the length of time for recovery. I think that you have more of the concerned (although well read) types here on the board because of surgeries gone wrong .. or ... impatience. After talking to and seeing 7 doctors and talking to many patients -I came to the conclusion that alot of surgeries actually do go very well. Both Open release and TTS and EPF. But just like ESWT it does take time to heal. With ESWT in layman's terms with high energy your are basically tearing up the fibers of your fascia, and thus, post ESWT will regrow (and heal) with new fibers (although with lower energy and for example for insetianal achillies tendinitis this is not the case).

With surgery healing time can take longer, sometimes alot longer. I have talked with about 10 patients that fully recovered from Open, EPF, and TTS surgery. Many of those people (success stories) you will never see on a message board. I did meet a few people with PF as bad as mine that made full recoveries from sugery - for real. They run just as they once did and have full active lives again. But it can take time to get to that point.In some cases 6 months after surgery, in some cases a year and a half.

With ESWT it can take 16 weeks for the 'healing' to really reap full benefits. And with ESWT I have found (researched on my own) that it's best to aviod NSAIDS during post procedure up to 4 months so that inflamation 'does' actually occur as it should so that fibrous tissue (healing) occurs properly and is not 'subdued' or 'supressed' with NSAIDS.

The often repeated phrase you will hear from doctors that scares some people is this. 'once you get surgery you can't go back'. While this is true it should not stop you from getting surgery if all other options have been axhausted, and moreover, if you have researched your doctor. The thing with surgeries is that doctors can make a mistake, or not make the cut correct (or absolutely correct to varying degrees) or you can be misdiagnosed altogether and get a surgery you don't need at all, or .. the wrong surgery. Mistakes are mostly minimized with non-invasive ESWT. It is guided by techs that operate the machines and the doctor. The benefits can be full recovery, to 60-70-80-90% of full recovery depending on variables.

I will say this. If all you did was read messages posted at heelspurs.com one might become afaid to get surgery. but if you take the time out to really talk to patients that have had it done you you get a more positive response usually. Most of the people who post here on in 'panic' mode often after a very short period after surgery or ESWT. Just stay positive and research, and think that it will work. May take some time, and maybe a few operations ot maybe just one ESWT - you never know.

However with all thos patients I spoke to. Time for healing even with sugeries varied, but eventually all got benefit. Most were totally, if not nearly totally healed after a year or slightly more. Some had side effects from the sugeries .. that were tolerable much more so that full fledged PF or TTS.