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Subtalar issues

Posted by Steve M on 2/02/04 at 12:01 (143467)

I have had ankle problems dating back to 1982. Had surgery in 1985 while in military to remove bone chip.By the time they found it, it did major damage to the joints. Ankle has bothered me every since. I've been getting Cortisone shots for the last 6 years, Every 4-5 months. I'm in extreme pain. The VA did a physical, the following is the results of the physical:
swelling along the medial portion of left ankle
patient only had about five degrees of dorsiflexion and plantar flexion in left ankle.
He is unable to internally or externally bend left ankle.
Dued to the pain in the ankle, i have an abnormal gait which is causing my knee problems: Extension in the left knee is limited by 10 degrees and flexion is 98 degrees in left knee.
I'm on Paxil due to i'm constantly nauseus, My primary doctor says it could be anxiety caused by the pain in my ankle. My ortho wants to do a subtalar fusion. He still can't guarantee that the pain will go away. He does'nt offer any other options. Seems to only want to do surgery and send me on my way.
My questions are:
are there any other options besides fusion for my condition.
Is 6 years of cortision in the ankle alittle excessive since it damages the tendons?
Has anyone else experienced a daily nauseus to to massive pain. I have to walk with my foot turned to relieve the pain. I have both a AFO brace and fracture boot that i wear, Initially it worked but now wearing them only makes me a little more comfortable. Any additional info you could provide would be great.