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are orthotics equivalent to taping the foot?

Posted by rekha on 2/02/04 at 17:53 (143498)

can someone explain to me why the foot functions better with orthotics? also is 100% compliance with orthotics same as taping the foot to prevent pronation and stretching of the fascia?

I have bought two pairs of custom orthotics and spent a lot of $$ out of pocket (I see an outside podiatrist). I have been told that my multiple foot problems can be corrected with orthotics

I currently have pf and sesamoid pain in right foot

Re: are orthotics equivalent to taping the foot?

Richard, C.Ped on 2/03/04 at 07:53 (143530)

I know I am going to get reamed by those who swear by taping, but this is my opinion. I see nothing wrong with taping. I do believe you get better support with an orthosis. Taping does hold the arch, but when you take a step, there is still nothing between your foot and the ground. If the orthosis is made correctly (I always have to stress 'correctly') then the spaces between your feet and the floor will be filled. Basically, you want to bring the floor to the foot, and fill in all the gaps.

Taping is ok...but I think a correct orthosis is better.

Re: are orthotics equivalent to taping the foot?

Julie on 2/03/04 at 08:41 (143531)

Richard, I am not going to ream you! But I have never considered taping and orthotics an either-or situation. During my dealings with PF I used both, with good effect, and found that the two together were much more helpful than either on its own.

Rekha, no they're not the same, although it's considered that if taping gives relief, it's an indication that orthotics are probably needed and will help. I'm sure Richard will agree with me that orthotics are only as good as the professional who makes them, and therein lies a tale. We all know from our reading here that there are podiatrists and podiatrists, and orthotics and orthotics. If you are sure that your orthotics are good ones, i.e. that they address your particular biomechanical realities, then of course you should be '100% compliant'.

Now if you could get Richard to make yours....:)

Re: are orthotics equivalent to taping the foot?

Richard, C.Ped on 2/03/04 at 09:30 (143534)

'I'm sure Richard will agree with me that orthotics are only as good as the professional who makes them'

I do agree with that. The hard part is knowing that what you just paid for is a good product.

Re: To Julie: about orthotics and taping

rekha on 2/03/04 at 09:54 (143537)

thanks guys. I just found out last night that I am pregnant. I am very happy about that, but worried about my feet. I am going to a new podiatrist today to ask what can i do in addition to all I am doing to keep my foot pain from skyrocketing.

I have good orthotics, and they have helped, but I think I might need occasional taping on top of that, especially when I start putting on weight.

Julie, I have been religiously doing your yoga exercises for the foot. How is your foot feeling? Is the pain resolved? what worked for you? what didn't?

Re: To Julie: about orthotics and taping

monte on 2/03/04 at 10:11 (143538)

Pardon me for butting in....but I wear othotics and I also tape. I am not sure if it is a habit...but it feels a little better. My arches burn more if I don't tape. Because I wear the orthotics, I don't have to be aggressive with the ball of foot to heel taping. Instead of trying to create an arch bridge with the tape (which tugs at the heel and ball of the foot) I simply start at the ball with my toes bent up a little bit and then I follow the contour of my feet all the way to the heel and up the back a little. This also eliminates an achillies tendonitis.

Here is a great link for auctions for Leuko tape. I just bought 30 fors $30!! They usually go for $8.50 each on the web. I still have 2 cases of regular athletic tape at home that I will use for days when I need less.

Hope this helps a little.

Re: To Julie: about orthotics and taping

Julie on 2/03/04 at 10:34 (143539)


I made a very long post a couple of days ago in answer to the same question by Bud (I think it was Bud). If you do a search on my name, you'll find it and it will answer your question about my history! It's much too long to repeat. :)

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope you'll get good advice and treatment from your new podiatrist.

Re: are orthotics equivalent to taping the foot?

Julie on 2/03/04 at 10:36 (143540)

That is precisely the right question I think. But I don't know what the answer is. I know that it's disheartening to read so many reports, as we do, of useless orthotics, painful orthotics, and eventually scrapped orthotics. It must be very disheartening for you: you must want to open your arms and make orthotics for everybody!

They should be so lucky!

Re: To Julie: about orthotics and taping

Richard, C.Ped on 2/03/04 at 10:37 (143541)

Congrats on the new pregnancy!! When my wife was pregnant, we went through two different pairs of orthotics due to weight change. If taping along with orthotics works, thats great!

Re: are orthotics equivalent to taping the foot?

rekha on 2/03/04 at 10:59 (143546)

thanks Julie, I read that post. my foot feels really good today....

I will see what the pod says today I am taking preventative steps to make sure my pain does not get soo bad that my pregnancy is ruined. I will do whatever it takes, taping, exercises, rest...etc.

my old podiatrist insists that orthotics will definitely help me! I am begninning to think he is right.

Re: Dr.. K's orthotics ROCK!!!

Mahatmelissama on 2/03/04 at 12:09 (143551)

I see Dr. K in Pleasanton too (got the recommendation from YOU off this board a year or so ago). I am so much better now...his orthotics are such a blessing to me. At first it took me 3 weeks for me to acclimate to them, but then I hardly feel them. Much better than bare feet.

I also got accupunture which helped too from a great accupunturist in Morgan Hill.

I would go for it if I were you. Dr. K also really tries to get your insurance to pay for them and only bills you for them after they send the bill back.

I am getting new ones...I want smaller ones to try to fit into some pumps...I am tired of clunky ugly healthy shoes.

Re: are orthotics equivalent to taping the foot?

Richard, C.Ped on 2/03/04 at 13:14 (143554)

With two kids to take care of...I would gladly make orthotics for everybody..haha

Re: Dr.. K's orthotics ROCK!!!

rekha on 2/03/04 at 14:53 (143561)

hey, Dr Klooster got me two pairs, and I think they are really starting to help. The tough part is being compliant 100% of the time. I saw Dr K last week, but am starting to see my old local pod here in Fremont, buz Pleasanton is getting to be too far away for me. As my pregnancy progresses, it will harder to drive longer periods of time.

So acupuncture helped you? I will keep that option open if my pain gets worse. I am anxious that my pain will get worse due to my pregnancy. I hope and pray that it doesnt! I will do whatever it takes!

Re: Dr.. K's orthotics ROCK!!!

Mahatmelissama on 2/03/04 at 15:10 (143562)

I am glad you got his orthotics. Yep, it is a bit of a drive esp. since you are pg (btw, congrats on that! ;)).

My accupunturist is Stephen Chen in Morgan Hill. You can do a search on yahoo yellow pages and find him if you ever want to go that route. I can tell you that it isn't that bad and the pain relief is like cortisone in my feet. It also stays with me, it doesn't go away.

I didn't believe in it but it (accupunture) does work. I also like the fact that no drugs are being put into your system.

Re: Dr.. K's orthotics ROCK!!!

Connie A. on 2/05/04 at 11:54 (143687)


May I ask more whether you were referring to Pleasanton, California (Bay Area)? I'm from that area and will be returning there in a few months. I have had chronic foot pain for over a year, and have been wearing orthotics for 7 months, but I think I need a different kind . . . I'm looking for good references for physical therapists, acupuncturists and orthotics makers in the Bay Area (East bay preferably).