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Going for 1st A.R.T. treatment today

Posted by David B on 2/03/04 at 06:15 (143527)

After having 2 E.S.W.T. treatments with very little or no success I have decided to try active release treatment, this is the last resort next thing will be PF surgery. I have heard alot of good things about ART so Im hoping this will work. The cost should be covered under my healthlink plan but if not its not very expensive only $85 for 1st visit then $35 for follow up visits alot cheaper than ESWT, I spent $5200!

Re: Going for 1st A.R.T. treatment today

HilaryG on 2/03/04 at 07:33 (143529)

David, ART is the only thing that helped my PF. However first it created more pain ( a different kind of pain, but more nevertheless). I had to go for around 6 or 7 treatments (1 per week) before I felt any improvement. And it was about 10 weeks before I felt almost totally cured. I just wanted to warn you and to encourage you to keep it up because ART is wonderful. Please keep us posted. I f you want to email me -- (email removed)

Re: Going for 1st A.R.T. treatment today

Aly on 2/03/04 at 13:03 (143553)

Hi David,

Good luck with the ART. You might want to take some ibuprofen or other such pain med beforehand - my first 3 or 4 appointments really hurt. Then things improved and I no longer needed that 'buffer'.

Please remember that ART could take a few months to help you - it's usually not a 'fast cure'. So don't get discouraged, it's to be expected. I haven't been consistent in my treatments, but before I started I could never curl my toes down or do anything to use my foot muscles, without a terrible cramping in the arch and resulting soreness. I can now do that freely without symptoms. (Perhaps if I'd been more consistent, I'd have more to report! But it's something.)

Good luck!


Re: Going for 1st A.R.T. treatment today

monica g on 2/03/04 at 16:15 (143566)

Dave--I haven't ever heard of ART. I better research this one. Good luck because I hate to hear anyone has to have that PF surgery. MY ESWT would cost that $6500/foot but my insurance is covering 100% after my deductible is met. THANK GOODNESS! Best of luck!

Re: Going for 1st A.R.T. treatment today

David B on 2/03/04 at 18:23 (143579)

I was kinda scared going having my 1st treatment, I have heard people say it hurts like HE**, I must say it did hurt some but nothing like a cortizone shots did! I guess living with plantar facitis for so many years and having feet problems all my life my pain tolerance is a little higher than some others. My foot is a bit sore tonight. The chiropractor was really optimistic and said I might only have to go 3-6 times, he said it seemed to release very well today. I will keep you updated.

Re: Going for 1st A.R.T. treatment today

Colleen K on 2/05/04 at 13:20 (143691)

What is ART? Never heard of it.

Re: Going for 1st A.R.T. treatment today

Will B. on 2/07/04 at 06:24 (143839)

ART is interesting, and apparently reaps benefits (really good) for some. IF ESWT does not help too much for me (I just had it doene yesterday) I will try ART before EPF or release( Open). Im am very positive though abot the Dornier treatment I got. I am expeting nice recovery and benefits.