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Post surgury effects? septum removal to relieve tunnel

Posted by Paul Michael on 2/03/04 at 06:21 (143528)

I am planning to have surgury done on both feet, to releive the tight pressure on the three nerves and Calcaneal branch in the tarsal tunnel. The procedure is seen at http://www.dellonipns.com/tarsal_tunnel_syndrome_pg.htm The doctor told me he is going to cut the septum, or the part that is binding the nerves and blood vessels, causing the bottleneck. He does not plan to touch or move the nerves, only any obstructions he may find. His philosophy is don't touch what is not broken. He predicted a healing time of three weeks, which to my studies is 3 1/2 months to quick. Results would be: (1)it will relieve the pressure and you will be better. (2) You will not be any worse off. My question to anyone is: Has anyone had this type surgury, where the doctor has not messed with the nerves or blood vessels, and what is you recovery like? Do you have any problems? Any suggestions on this. Thank you very much. [-o< :)

Re: Post surgury effects? septum removal to relieve tunnel

Mona on 2/03/04 at 17:47 (143578)

I am two months post-op of TTS/Plantar Fascitis surgery. I just started to drive and walk without crutches. I only had one foot done. I can't imagine having two done at once!!!! You literally can't put any pressure on the feet for at least two-three weeks. You must keep them elevated and take the pain meds!!! Ice helps.

Try and get your doctor to prescribe PT after the surgery. The swimming in a warm water theraputic pool twice a week with my PT helps me tremendously.

My doctor cut away two varicose veins that were pressing on the nerve inside the tarsal tunnel. My feet still ache but I don't have the terrible pain I had before surgery. So I have had relief. It is a long haul. Don't give up! Keep busy after surgery - movies, books, writing etc. etc. I have knit ten scarves!

Good luck and keep us posted.

Re: Post surgury effects? septum removal to relieve tunnel

Terry D. on 2/04/04 at 19:34 (143643)

Dr. Dellon did my surgery last May and it is successful except the foot is still pretty numb especially around the incision...but feeling is still coming back. I was in zero pain immediately following the operation.
My suggestion is to follow his post op advice. I did and it worked.
I had a cyst that had wrapped around my nerves and the operation turned out to be more delicate.
I think he is the best surgeon for this.
ps tell him the coach who can do his age in chin ups said to say hi!