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Thin heel pad tissue

Posted by niels l on 2/04/04 at 05:09 (143601)


After 5 years of pain and 2 X ESWT my doc has now told me (just by pressing with a finger), that I have a significantly thinner heel pad than normal. It feels sore when pressing, where the heel bone hits the ground. I have no specific soreness where the plantar attaches to the heel.

Can the thin heel pad really be the cause of my pain ? Or is it likely that many years of PF (and hallux limitus) has resultet in thin heel pad ?

I have never had first step in the morning pain. The ESWT has helped a little ( I guess), but certainly not cured me. I have tried all other usual treatments, including shots, orthotics etc.

How is thin heel pad tissue diagnosed and how is it 'cured' ?.

Re: Thin heel pad tissue

Dr. David S. Wander on 2/04/04 at 19:07 (143639)

A thin heel pad is a subjective finding. The heel pad is composed of fat and chambers and some people simply don't have as much fat below the heel. This can not really be replaced. I rarely recommend heel cups or silicone heel cushions, since I've rarely found these to be helpful for plantar fasciitis. However, if your discomfort is simply due to a thin heel pad, a silicone type heel cushion may be beneficial. Often, multiple cortisone injections in the area can be one cause of atrophy of the plantar fat pad.