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still in cast

Posted by jen on 2/04/04 at 10:17 (143616)

hi all

well week 5 in my cast, i had a new x ray and the fractures look to be non union at this point!!!! soi got recasted and it looks like the worste fracture is the one along outer edge of foot. so im recasted fromtoes to knee and she said this area takes a long time to heal. i guess after 12 weeks i no healing i will get bone stimulator. im getting really good with my crutches but really want to walk!! well another few months mayby things will look better

Re: still in cast

R C on 2/04/04 at 12:17 (143623)

Hang in there.

A few other things come to my mind that I would like to share. My company told me (back when I was casted) that my insurance company would pay for a motorized wheelchair for office use. There was also some arrangement for transportation to and from work. This may be something for you to look into, if it would make your life easier and reduce the risks of walking around in crutches. Also did your doc give you a form to take to the DMV to get a handicapped parking permit. Any discount sporting goods store will have dumbbells. If you have nothing better to do, and are physically up to it, you might consider leaving a pair of 5 pounders next to your TV remote, so that at least you can exercise and burn some calories while the TV is on. There are lots of good exercises you can do, in addition to the obvious curls.

Re: still in cast

tracy s on 2/05/04 at 21:39 (143720)

Hey Jen! I feel your pain, I am also in a cast for a stress fx of my fifth metatarsal. It has been a long ordeal for me as well. I am a 32 yr. old former college football player who stays in excellent shape and them BOOM! One day my foot hurts after a run and gets worse, I finally go to the dr. and he says I have a possible stress fx so he acts aggressively and puts me in a beautiful blue cast and 3 weeks later the tiny crack shows up and for the 7 weeks it has meant 3 different casts and still no union. I am getting a little worried - I am non-weight bearing and this makes work so much fun. I could also complain of ALL the hassle of the cast but won't get into that. Anyway keep in touch and good luck - hope we both heal fast!!

Re: still in cast

john h on 2/06/04 at 08:53 (143741)

ESWT is used successfully for non union fractures.

Re: still in cast

john h on 2/06/04 at 08:54 (143742)

I think you might find some info on ESWT for non union fractures at