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New podiatrist, new recommendation (AMFIT orthotics?)

Posted by francesc on 2/04/04 at 16:10 (143630)

Hi again,

I went to a new podiatrist today and he recommended that I try the AMFIT orthotics. I am going to a store here called Runner's High which has the equipment for taking the imprint, etc. Has anyone heard of this type of orthotic? And if so, what do you think? I have an apptmt on Friday to get fitted. I am hopeful since I did not tolerate the rigid orthotics very well.

My new pod also had his tech make me an 'custom' night splint. He molded some stuff against my leg/foot -- kind of the same material you'd use to make a cast. and let it dry a little. the instructions were to bind my leg into it using ACE bandages. It is much smaller profile than a regular night splint and fairly cheap and I had it in minutes. The tech said if I broke it and wanted another to just stop in and he'd whip a new one up.

I'll let you know how that goes. I had trouble sleeping with my old night splint.

Oh boy, new things to try... again! :-)


Re: New podiatrist, new recommendation (AMFIT orthotics?)

Suzanne D. on 2/04/04 at 16:27 (143631)

Hi, Frances! I thought I remembered reading about Amfit orthotics at different times, so I did a search which brought up lots of posts.

Go to the top of this board, and click on 'search'. Then type in the word Amfit in the box provided, and make sure to click in the box beside 'Message Boards and Database' so that will be what is searched.

You will have lots of messages to read! My quick scan of the posts revealed that the computerized method can produce really great or not so helpful orthotics - depending upon the skill of the one operating the system.

Good luck to you!
Suzanne :)

Re: New podiatrist, new recommendation (AMFIT orthotics?)

Richard, C.Ped on 2/05/04 at 08:40 (143666)

I personally do not care for them.

Re: OMG, Richard, you just crushed all my hopes! :-(

francesc on 2/05/04 at 15:30 (143698)

Can you tell me why you don't like them? Just want to know before I go and spend the $$ on them.


Re: Thanks, Suzanne

francesc on 2/05/04 at 15:41 (143700)

Thanks for the tip. I did the search and it looks like it's up to the person using the machine as to whether it'll come out right or not. Unfortunately for me, this podiatrist also would not recommend a CPed in my area. He said they use them for diabetics and usually to alter shoes but not to make orthotics for PF patients. Hmm, maybe things are different out here in Cau-li-four-nia (spoken with Austrian accent). :-)


Re: OMG, Richard, you just crushed all my hopes! :-(

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/06/04 at 23:43 (143830)

They are made via an 'automated' system, from a weight bearing impression -- two things that are suboptimal in the opinion of many. Neverthesless, there are those practitioners who can use the system effectively. Maybe worth a try for $ but not for $$,

Re: OMG, Richard, you just crushed all my hopes! :-(

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/06/04 at 23:50 (143831)

There are numerous practitoners our there that make excellent devices -- don't let your hopes be 'crushed' because one product may not be the 'right' one. Here is one tactic -- work backwords-- go to one of the best orthotic labs in the US, Northwest Labs and find out who in your area uses their services. There number is 360-332-8411 or 1-800-443-7260. itt is likely that those practitioners that use their devices are likely to produce a good device.

Re: Thanks, Dr. Ed!

francesc on 2/08/04 at 17:01 (143949)

Dr. Ed,

Thanks for your advice! I will try calling them this week to find out who uses them.

Well, it's hard not to be crushed because I am always hopeful with each new thing to try... As a PF sufferer, it seems like I spend all my free time searching for the one or two things that will help me feel better.

Thanks again for your advice. I will try it.


Re: OMG, Richard, you just crushed all my hopes! :-(

Richard, C.Ped on 2/16/04 at 07:58 (144383)

Oh man, I just noticed your response to my comment. Sorry it has taken so long to get back. I don't care much for this type because 1. I do not like the weight bearing position and 2. I do not think there are enough 'pins' to get an accurate topography of the foot sole in order to provide a proper orthosis. Thats my opinion though. ;-)