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Posted by Debbie G. on 2/04/04 at 21:00 (143647)

My daughter, Erica, is scheduled for a nerve block tomorrow. She has TTS and is trying to avoid surgery. The podiatrist plans to inject her above the ankle. Can anyone tell us: 1.how much pain is involved in this procedure? 2. does it help to use a pain killer beforehand? 3.does the nerve block do any good for this condition? 4. what can we expect after the procedure. Thanks for your help. Debbie G.


Ricky J. on 2/05/04 at 09:18 (143672)

I had nerve blocks for treating RSD that stemed from my TTS. The nerve blocks given to me were in the lower back. The doc would sedate me for about 15 minutes to administer the shot. The first shot lasted about 3 hours before RSD pain would start coming back. When the pain started comming back I would go get another nerve block, each time the block would last a little longer the last shot lasted about 12 hours. It took six shots in nine day to calm my RSD pain down. I am still dealing with a great deal of pain from my TTS. I can only see the nerve block as a temporary relief of the TTS pain, but having pain relief for a few hours can give you hope that eventually the pain will go away. As for the pain caused from the shot in the ankle, it would feel like nothing compared to the pins, needles and burning that you daughter is experiencing now.


Debbie G. on 2/05/04 at 21:47 (143721)

Ricky, Thank you for responding to my e-mail. I am very confused now. Do you mean to tell me that one can have TTS AND RSD?? I thought it was one or the other. How did they figure you have both? Did you have surgery for the TTS? Did that cause the RSD? our podiatrist feels that my daughter does not have RSD, but TTS. Yet I am concerned because her foot is often cold and sometimes gets red. He said this can come from the TTS. He said she will probably need surgery because other things are not working. We don't know what to do. Any comments? Debbie G.


Ricky J. on 2/06/04 at 10:45 (143767)

I had surgery just over a on my left foot. I have TTS in both feet. I don't think that I am any better than I was before surgery except for the RSD. My toes on the foot that I had surgery on have curled up and I have very little to no motion in them. My TTS slipped into RSD just prior to my surgery. The differnce in the RSD and the TTS is that the RSD is relentless in pain. The pain is so intense and it never calms down any. The zingers were the worst, it feels like a red hot poker with a shocking tip jabbing into the bottom of your feet. It is so violent and quick hitting, that I have jerked so bad that I almost have fell out of my chair. The zingers would hit every minute or so, 24 hours around the clock. They were so bad that the doctor said that I was jumping even after the put me out. The doc said basically that the RSD caused the nerves to continually fire no matter what, and the nerve blocks would kinda work like rebooting a locked up (RSD) computer. Now I am back to the TTS pain, which is still really painful. The doc tells me it maybe up to 2 years post op before I see any segnificant change for the better. I feel so sorry for your daughter, I know it's hard for you to see what's causing her pain, but it's real and it hurts really bad. My wife still has a hard time understanding the degree of pain I am in. I just try and suck it up and go on. Right now I would say my pain is a 6 on a 1 to 10 scale.