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heel pain

Posted by Kathy B on 2/05/04 at 14:07 (143694)

When trying to strech my calf muscle I have horrible pain in my left heel? Does not hurt when I walk or run stairs? Only during streching? Feels almost like I tore something.

Re: heel pain

Julie on 2/05/04 at 16:00 (143701)

Kathy, what sort of stretching are you doing, and what part of your heel hurts - the bottom, or the back? If you can be more specific about your activity, and your pain, it will be easier to help.

Re: heel pain

Wendy F on 2/06/04 at 12:23 (143777)

I have it on after taking a spin class. It does not bother me during the class, but like you, only when stretching. The pain is right next to the heel bone on the right.