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TTS ??

Posted by johnquil on 2/06/04 at 15:58 (143806)

my mri showed fluid in the tendons that go through the tarsal tunnel, and i have inner ankle pain, with slight off and on tingling in the toes and arch area. The tingling is off and on not constant, and usuually relieved when walking. Does this sound like tts? I can sleep at night and do not have a problem putting the covers or anything on the area.

Re: TTS ??

Ricky J. on 2/06/04 at 19:21 (143822)

This sounds simaliar to how my TTS started. Be conservitive right now, by the time I was diaganosed with TTS my tingling and pain had become severe and constant. The docs at first thought I had a slip disk in my L5 and S1 vertabra. I went to the docs in March with the pain, but it took until Sept. until they found that I had bilateral TTS. I am not saying that it's by any means the docs fault but by the time they figured it out I had done alot more damage to my nerve by continually walking on it an toughing the pain out.

Re: TTS ??

Christine S on 2/07/04 at 00:56 (143834)

I started to feel tingling and burning. Do you know what a Tinel Sign is? If you tap on the inner area below your ankle do you feel an electric shock or tingle through your toes? If so, sometimes that can tell you if it might be TTS or not. That was the first test my doctor did and he kept testing from there. Keep me informed.
Chris S.

Re: TTS ??

johnquil on 2/07/04 at 08:57 (143846)


I can feel a tingling in toes when i tap my inner ankle . Its not a shooting pain but a tingling. I went to an acupunturist and he inserted the first neeedle in my inner ankle and tapped the nerve and i felt a shooting pain to my big toe, which now i have develpoed the tingling off and on. I did not have this before i went to see him as my symtomps were primarliy inner ankle pain and i was so pissed at him i was ready to put those needles in his foot. Any suggestions would be apprecisted. I thought about taking him to court but how does one prove this, as it is hard to prove one has tingling.

Re: TTS -Tinel's sign

lara on 2/08/04 at 09:18 (143920)

Just to clarify - if you have the Tinel's sign that Chris explained I think that is a positive sign of TTS. However, many of us with TTS, confirmed by a NCV test, didn't have a Tinel's sign. I think this is what Chris meant, but wanted to be sure.

Re: TTS -Tinel's sign

Chris S on 2/09/04 at 11:41 (143988)

Yes, I'm sorry if I was not clear. The Tinel's sign was a first step in finding out what was wrong with my feet. The EMG/NCV test was what determined that I had TTS. Once that was done and the test was positive we knew where to go next. I am only 4 month post op on my left foot and 7 months post op on the right. So far I have not felt a whole lot of relief. I am optomistic that I will begin to feel it soon. Good luck in finding out what your problem is and treating it.