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Just had Dornier Epos (Dr Z. please see)

Posted by Will B. on 2/07/04 at 04:55 (143836)

Yes. Im the one in the Fort Worth area that called you and talked with you about my condition (PF) for 3 years. I believe I taled to you about having seen Dr. Lifshen (From NY). He was offering the Ossatron to me for $4900.00. I did my ressearch on both machines extensively and also called Dornier med tech and finally found someone who does this here. Dr Max S. Ribald (also from NY and knows you) From the basketball court. Just had the Dornier done 2/6/03 (yesterday) with self pay for a much better price point than ossatron - and it was in line with your asking price. But the nice thing is that I can get it done locally and ~ locally see a Pod (I had seen him before (3 years earlier) and was suprised to see that he did this procedure. The macahine was brought in from Austin Texas from a group called:

Palomar Medical L.P., General Partner
7501c North Capitol of Texas Highway, Suite 200
Austin TX, 78731

Web Adress: http://www.palomarmed.com

I specifically wanted the dornier because of the fact that it can be guided with imagry along the facia core (and insetion point) and because in my own research was the machine that I wanted to choose. My belief after 3 years of constantly reading findings was that the Dornier had potentially better outcomes. You know as I do (with my research) that alot of the outcome process can have to do with hte patient his/herself and how they are post/treatment with being conservative for a while and no overdoing it. I also sspoke with a patient of Dr. Lifchen (from the Baylor Health center in Irving Hospital) who had great success with the Ossatron - and he condition was formerly acute. She can now do all ativities that She had done before ESWT. So ossatron was considered also. But I went with Dornier Epos.

The machine used on me was apperently the newer model. I went to level 7 easily with just nerve block. Although he right foor did take a very long time for the Dr. Ribald to find the 'spot' to actually deaden the nerve. As you know the patient can pretty much know right away with the warth as to whether or not it is going to work (bottom of foot get's very warm/hot very fast). it did - finally. Took 3 hours for both feet. Both the tech and Dr. Ribald were very nice and professional. 3800 pulses on each foot.

Since Dr Ribald is also from New York and knows both you and Dr. Lifshen you may desire to contact him if you so choose. He mentioned the basketball court as a referance to knowing you possibly.

Dr. Max S. Ribald DPM
Arlington TX

Re: Just had Dornier Epos (Dr Z. please see)

Will B. on 2/07/04 at 06:37 (143840)

Also I told him how much your advice helped me, and how helpful you have been to sso many people here at heelspurs.com. This also goes for some of the other POD's here. This site is so vital in helping people with information concerning these dibilitating conditions. My most humble thanks and gratitude for Scott for setting up this website, and the doctors who selflessly help these people.

Re: Just had Dornier Epos (Dr Z. please see)

Dr. Z on 2/07/04 at 08:09 (143843)

Good luck. Glad you received treatment. Keep us updated !!! My basketball days are over

Re: Just had Dornier Epos (Dr Z. please see)

Will B. on 2/08/04 at 01:12 (143910)

Thank you. I will keep you abreast if the healing. Right now there is only a slight tightness in the back of the ankle, like a bruised feeling, but relatively not much pain. I can walk fine but and treating it as if both ankles are sprained for about 4 days. I am hoping fot the best and know that I need to be patient for many many weeks for fascia healing and regrowth.

Re: Is the ESWT working?

Helen M on 2/08/04 at 23:03 (143969)

I am also in the Fort Worth area and am curious to see if the ESWT therapy is working for you. I have a sweet old dog with arthritis that I'm thinking about using this treatment on. There is a vet in Arlington that uses ESWT. Your comments would be very helpful to me as I know the treatments are not inexpensive.

Re: Is the ESWT working?

Will B. on 2/09/04 at 11:53 (143989)

I have heard about Vet's using ESWT, but I am not familiar with thier process, but I would bet it would be much like what is used with people. And it is in the process of beeing FDA approved for many things like shoulders, elbows .. etc..

I will post progress and what not concerning my own treatment. I, like many of the docs here are waiting for ESWT to become the standard first line of defence over surgery for heel pain. Im sure as the years pass it will become far more used and covered by insurance companies (although our enonomy in the US is not good and may not be for some time). It's interesting that you can get ESWT in other parts of the world far, far cheaper than in the US. Good luck with your animal should you choose to use ESWT. I have found many docs using ESWT here but you really have to 'dig' to fond specific info - as many docs don;t advertise at all. Im my researching this, I would call offices and even the doctors secretaries would not be aware that they did this , but I got the medical info from the surgery centers. It's new for many doctors and just now coming to fluition.

The doc I went to does not have a web presence and does not as of yet advertise his ESWT service, but we did talk about that as I can set up websites and maintain serrvers. He seemed excited about it though.

Basically I think ESWT will be the first line of defense against Plantar Fascitis and similat conditions for initial treatment provided that conservative treatmant has been done first. Some conditoins really do need surgery though.