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Red Foot from TTS?

Posted by Debbie G. on 2/07/04 at 06:47 (143841)

Has anyone had their foot turn red when standing on it? Can this be a side effect of TTS? The foot returns to normal color when lying down, but the whole thing gets red when upright? Any comments? Debbie G.

Re: Red Foot from TTS?

wendyn on 2/09/04 at 17:18 (144003)

Debbie - my doctor's are still trying to figure out why my feet do this. I've been told anything from vasculitis to RSD to rheumatoid arthritis!!!

Do your feet get hot?

Re: Red Foot from TTS?

Debbie G. on 2/10/04 at 06:55 (144033)

Wendyn, We are seeing yet another doctor in NYC today. Still looking for answers. Her foot gets red mostly when she stands upright. Other times it returns quickly to normal color. We don't know why. As far as temperature, it often gets very cold, but never hot. Do these symptoms sound like nerve entrapment? We don't want to agree to surgery if there is something else and if that would aggravate it. Any comments from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Debbie G.

Re: Red Foot from TTS?

wendyn on 2/10/04 at 08:44 (144037)

Debbie, I don't know this history of problems (I haven't been on the board much so I may have missed them). No - red cold feet do not sound like nerve entrapment (but then again - I'm just a patient, not a doctor)

Feet that are turning red and cold need to be investigated. Please reconsider agreeing to any type of surgery before getting at least a second opinion.

Do a search under RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) to look at some information that may or may not sound like what you're dealing with. RSD can cause color changes and/or temperature changes (hot or cold). RSD is a very painful, serious condition that can be made MUCH worse by surgery.

Re: Red Foot from TTS?

Julie on 2/10/04 at 09:03 (144038)

Debbie, Wendy has just said exactly what was on my mind. I'm not a doctor either, but from my reading here I think it's possible that the redness you describe (added to what you've already told us about your daughter's extreme pain) may be a symptom of RSD; so it's worrying if surgery has been suggested because that can make it worse. This should really be checked out thoroughly before any decisions are made. I would be surprised if any knowledgeable doctor would perform surgery on someone who has RSD.

Re: Red Foot from TTS?

Debbie G. on 2/10/04 at 22:31 (144068)

Dear Julie and Wendyn, Thank you for your warnings. We saw a very good Ortho. doctor in NYC today at one of the leading ortho.hospitals in the country. He gave us a lot of time and said that he is very puzzled by my daughter's case. He said that she has some RSD symptoms, some TTS symptoms, and some that don't fit either one. We go back next Thurs. for ultrasound w/ doppler, a more sophisticated MRI, and a referral to their Pain Clinic. He said that since she had a nerve block in the foot last Thurs.(from a different doctor), which included some cortisone, that even if it turns out to be TTS, he would not operate for 3 months. He has found that after these shots, the wound from the surgery does not heal very well. He also agreed that if there is RSD, he would not operate. So we feel we are in good hands. Finally!! It has been exhausting going to all these doctors, but I feel better about this one. He seems excellant and my daughter is pleased as well. I'll keep you posted. Thanks, Debbie G.

Re: Red Foot from TTS?

Julie on 2/11/04 at 01:31 (144072)

Debbie, that does sound good. I hope you and your daughter are on the way to a solution now. Please do keep us posted.

Re: Red Foot from TTS?

Tammie on 2/12/04 at 13:01 (144193)

Hi Debbie,
I have just been reading a bit and was so very delighted that it seems as tho you have found a cautious Dr. and one who is willing to be as sure as he can of what he is treating!!! Wonderful a big part of the battle! Also I read about the pain clinic, that to may be a blessing for your daughter as if you find the right pain management Dr. one who is willing to listen as well as tell what 'he is going to do' can be a wonderful expierance along with controlling the pain,they also keep testing and help a bit with the emotional side effects of Chronic pain! Which I have learned can be a vicious cycle itself! So I am simply delighted to hear that progress has been made! Good luck to her and does she ever think about reading here and maybe get some suport herself? It really is a great place with many wonderful people! I hope the expierance with her Pain management is equally as good as the ortho! I will look foward to hearing what becomes of her so please update!

Re: Red Foot from TTS?

Debbie G. on 2/13/04 at 23:02 (144292)

Tammie, Thanks for your response. My daughter Erica is now wearing an air cast to the knee. It seems to give her more stability. I am so glad to see her off the crutches. At 5'9', she was leaning over and was very uncomfortable. The doc wants her to take it off at night and move the foot and massage it as much as she can tolerate. We go back in to see him on Thurs. Maybe the additional tests will give a better diagnosis. Since he listed RDS as a possible diagnosis, her employer is being more reasonable. The disability nurse said that she was out of work too long for just TTS. (as if she was faking the swelling, pain, and redness!!) I let you know how we do. Thanks again for your concern. Debbie G.