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soft shoe

Posted by Faye J on 2/07/04 at 11:48 (143856)

Well another step forward I hope. I had tts surgery on 12/09/03 and have progressed right along with no major problems and on schedule so the Doc. says. Anyway I go back to the Doc on Monday and will probably be able to go into a soft shoe. I have practiced at home but do not feel real secure without the boot. I haven't seen much talk about going back into a shoe after surgery. Is there any advise out there that could reassure me? I would like to go back to work on March 1st and really need to get busy. I work in a school classroom and stand a lot.
Thanks again Faye J

Re: soft shoe

Margie B on 2/07/04 at 17:51 (143878)

I had TTS surgery close to the same time you did.(12/5/03) My doctor put me in a cast first then after the sutures were out, just an ace bandage.I never had a boot. I was non-weight bearing for about one month then I wore soft shoes-New Balance, with a flexible orthotic. I started walking just in the house but am still on crutches when I go out. I had swelling beside the incision when I just wore socks so the doc said to wear the ace bandage under the sock. I still have pain in my heel on the lateral side and a lot of pain near my incision when I am weight bearing.I am a teacher too and feel for you having to go back to work fairly soon. Many people on this site talk about healing taking from 3 months to a year. See Lauriel's comments on healing.She had the surgery over a year ago. Good luck to you and swift healing.

Re: soft shoe

Mona on 2/07/04 at 18:23 (143881)

I had surgery on Dec. 8th for TTS and have been in a sneaker for about two weeks. I have been putting all my weight on my foot (I had only my right foot done) for about the same time. I can't stand for very long, however. I can walk without crutches but not too far. I use the crutches for long distances. I continue with PT three times a week. I find this most helpful. I find I have swelling if I walk too far without the crutches and then I have to ice. Ice feels good.

I use an office chair with wheels to get around the kitchen. Maybe you could get one for your classroom. They are pretty handy.

Good luck. This takes times and patience I have found.


Re: soft shoe

Terry D. on 2/07/04 at 19:20 (143888)

Hi Faye,
I'm a teacher too and had surgery in May of 03....my advice is figure out a way you can sit as much as possible. The shoe that worked for me...and i experimented extensively....was the New Balance 2000gr. I'm still in them. I tried Ecco, Borne, Rockport but the best is the New Balance. I bought mine new on ebay.
good luck