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Heel Spur Toward The Achilles Tendon

Posted by Robert T on 2/07/04 at 12:41 (143865)

I have heel spurs in both feet. The right foot is the kind I see on this sight where the spur is on the bottom of the heel. That foot does not cause me pain. My left foot has the bone spur at the top/back of the heel pointing toward the achilles tendon. My left foot is the one that constantly causes me pain. The pain is not in the bottom of the foot though, it is in the back of the heel as if the spur is sticking/rubbing/irritating the achilles area.
I have heard that some bone spur removals are not helpful because the spur will just reappear. My question is that since this spur actually points toward the achilles and causes pain, would bone spur removal surgery be my best option? I have discussed options with my podiatrist, but she listed surgery as the last option. I am doing the stretching now. Then cortesone shots, and then finally surgery. The stretching helps, but since it is not my plantar fascia that has the pain, I think removal on the left foot would be most beneficial.
How invasive would the upper back of the heel surgery be, and what recovery time would we be looking at since it is not an area that is walked on directly?

Re: Heel Spur Toward The Achilles Tendon

Dr. Z on 2/08/04 at 10:49 (143928)

It is rare that the 'spurring' is the cause of your pain. The achilles tendon is inflamed where it attached to the back of your heel bone. Chronic repetitive motion along with abnormal biomechanics could be what is causing your problem. The bone spurs are califications secondary to micr-tearing of the tendon fibers where they attach to the bone.
They can heal and the pain can go away just like the bone spurring you are talking about on the bottom on your heel.
We use ESWT in chronic cases that fail to response to conservative care
I would need to know the duration and type of treatments you have had to determine if ESWT is right for you