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numbness and heel pain after tts surgery

Posted by Margie B on 2/07/04 at 19:01 (143887)

I am 8 weeks post surgery. My podiatrist/foot ankle surgeon said I had a severe post.tibial nerve entrapment with a lot of scar tissue. I have about a 3'scar. The bottom area of the incision,(close to the medial calcaneal branch?) is very sore when I am weight bearing and when I touch it. That area is a bit pink too. I also have heel pain and numbness in my heel. The pain is along the back edge of the heel mostly. I'm wondering if this is normal and about how long I may have this type of pain? I use crutches when I go out but walk without them in the house.I am getting discouraged to still have pain after 8 weeks. My doctor says the heel pain will eventually go away. What do you think?

Re: numbness and heel pain after tts surgery

Dr. Z on 2/08/04 at 10:42 (143925)

TTS release can take up to one year one for pain relieve. A cast may be in order at this stage with physical therapy