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To Dr. Z. and Mark L.

Posted by monica g on 2/08/04 at 09:49 (143922)

I kindly ask that you start a different post rather than a reply to mine to do your 'battling' over which machine, where you work and who you work for, etc.
Every time you reply to my post, it sends me a copy in my mailbox.
Monica G.

Re: To Dr. Z. and Mark L.

dean d on 2/08/04 at 10:36 (143923)

Monica, good luck with your ESWT. You should cut back on activities or your PF might get to the point where you might actually need ESWT!

Re: To Dr. Z. and Mark L.

Dr. Z on 2/08/04 at 10:40 (143924)

I will do that. I receive copies from my postings due to the list of trigger words that ScottR set up. I think the reason you get them is due to ESWT in the title or the body of the postings. Do you have ESWT as a trigger word? I do believe that it is very important that if someone recommends and or talks about a company and eswt( let see if you receive this post) this board should know their relationship ie sales person.