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1 Week+ Post Op - Calf Pain

Posted by Mike on 2/08/04 at 11:48 (143935)

Just a week and 2 days ago I had release surgey and am doing extremely well as I no longer have the burning, stabbing or electric shock pain and my toes itched for the first time in 2 years!
Strange that I only had my left foot done (worse of the two) but both feet have been pain free? Oh well - Im not complaining one bit!

I had 3 incisions - inside ankle, top of foot and side of my leg, just below my knee with 5 release points. Walked out of the hospital with a walker and am supposed to put 50% pressure on it. My foot is still very swollen but the incisions look good and are not red at all. I was suprised that I was instructed to walk on it but was told it is to keep my nerves from being trapped in scar tissue. Bandages came off Friday and knee stitches come out in a week. The rest come out a week later. I go back in Aplril to have the other side done.

I have however, been experiencing pain in my calf - like a charlie-horse type of pain. My Primary Dr sent me off to the hospital to test for blood clots but that came out negative. Could it be lack of use? Im spose to walk on it but not flex my ankle.

Has anyone experience this after surgery?