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tarsal tunnel help

Posted by Casey H on 2/10/04 at 19:47 (144061)

Have had two tarsal tunnel surgeries. First was four years ago. Positive Tinel sign, otherwise no symptoms. Doctor in Baltimore did a test and convinced me that surgery was necessary. Had pain in tarsal tunnel are after surgery. Two years ago a Podiatrist did revision of the tarsal tunnel area. He said that the area did not look like a complete release had been done. No relief. Vein wrap was done 7 months ago--have continuous pain and severe crampy, nerve type pain up to knee. Amputation is the only thing that has been offered. I'm not ready for that step. Can't tolerate Neurontin. Allergic to Oxycontin, etc. Duragesic patches helped but are too expensive and my insurance has poor prescription coverage. I take Talwin NX and Celebrex. Does anyone have suggestions?? I'm trying to continue to work as I need to have insurance.

Re: tarsal tunnel help

Henry C on 2/11/04 at 06:48 (144075)

Hello Casey,

I know exactly what you are going through! I believe that I have seen the same doctors as you have. My first tarsal tunnel surgery was also performed in Baltimore and it too was unsuccessful. I was referred to another doctor in his office and the vein wrap procedure was performed. It was extremly difficult going through two surgeries and not seeing any improvement. I was told by the doctor that performed the vein wrap procedure that it could take up to two years before I would feel the effects from the surgery. I waited and it never happened.

I was put on every pain medication possible from Oxycontin to Methadone and nothing ever seemed to help. My last resort was either a peripheral nerve stimulator (PNS) or amputaion. I went for the PNS and thank god it worked. I had the surgery last May 15th and now I have my life back.

To see the details about my case and to see if it could be right for you, I sugest you do a search for my posting under the name of Henry C. Before this last surgery, I was at the end of my rope and I thought I had no where to turn.

Herny C

Re: tarsal tunnel help

Dr. David S. Wander on 2/11/04 at 18:02 (144127)


If you haven't already, I would highly recommend you contact Lee Dellon, MD, a plastic surgeon in the Baltimore area that specialized in nerve decompressions. If you've already seen Dr. Dellon, I'd recommend you discuss your problems again with him in detail.

Re: tarsal tunnel help

Casey H on 2/12/04 at 18:21 (144213)

Thanks for your responses. The original surgery was done by Dellon. I went back to him after about a year with no improvement and a lot of pain. He was very rude and made the statement that he has never had to redo a tarsal tunnel and he wasn't about to start with me. At that point he walked out of the exam room. A local podiatrist did the second surgery and said the site didn't look like a tarsal tunnel release had been done the first time. All I know is that I'm really at my wit's end dealing with this for the past 5 years. Do have a question for the doctors that read this. If a pain pump was implanted and offered relief--would that be an indicator that a nerve stimulator would be of help? I am talking about the kind that is most often used post op with what looks like a big syringe and a catheter. The other doctor in Baltimore does do nerve stim. Thanks.

Re: tarsal tunnel help

nora b. on 2/14/04 at 00:26 (144297)

Have you heard of prolotherapy? This is a non-surgical treatment endorsed by C. Everett Cooper. It strengthens the ligaments, thus relieving pressure on the nerve. After being almost unable to stand, 8 or 10 prolo treatments have allowed me to feel almost human again. They are expensive because Medicare doesn't recognize them (some insurance cos do) and the shots hurt especially the first one as they go into joints. But they are unveievably strenghtening and pain releiving--at least they have been for me, try to find an orthopedic doctor who gives them. Of course a surgeon is not going to endorse them and pharmacology companies have no interest because shots are inexpensive glucose solution which sets up an inflammation temporarily that heals tissue damage. Google prolotherapy for more info.