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Lyprinol - Anyone tried it?

Posted by rsk on 2/10/04 at 21:38 (144066)

Hi group

I was watching TV yesterday and I saw this ad for a anti-inflamatory med called Lyprinol. This is the first time I am hearing abt this med. So I did some research on the net and found that this med is promoted mainly for osteoarthritis but it is also claimed to be a very effectuve natural anti-inflamatory made from mussels. The first thing that came to my mind when i saw this ad is if I can use this for my PF. So I did a search on this board and it looks like this med has not been discussed before as I did not find any search results. Has anybody ever heard or tried this med. Also if some one can give a comparative explanation on various supplements like MSM, Glucosmine etc.. that would really help.

Thanks for any helo