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Windows Users

Posted by Kathy G on 2/11/04 at 10:03 (144083)

In case you haven't heard, if you haven't already gone to the Microsoft Windows Update site and downloaded the patch, you should do it immediately. There is a 'critical flaw' in Windows which would allow an attacker to gain control of your computer. People using Windows XP are particularly vulnerable.

I had just updated my computer on Sunday and this critical update wasn't even offered at the time.

You know, Marie, Julie, John, I'm beginning to wonder about Windows vs. Macs! There have been a lot of problems for Windows users lately!

Re: Windows Users

JudyS on 2/11/04 at 10:52 (144090)

Kathy Kathy Kathy - bite your tongue! Windows rules! ;)

(Can't give these silly Mac users any ammo!)

Re: Windows Users

john h on 2/11/04 at 17:15 (144119)

No problem with my Mac Kathy. The rest of my office (Windows) are infested with a virus as is the office next door which has about 20 Windows users and 3 Macs which continue to chug along like the little red engine that could. I see about 3 virus a day come across my computer.Although we Mac users represent only about 3% of the computer world we are special. At this moment I am viewing my new 20' flat screen digital Apple monitor. It looks like HDTV. Our network specialist spent about 5 hours in our office yesterday trying to get rid of the problems caused by the virus inspite of the anti virus program installed on the computers and network.

Re: Windows Users

Julie on 2/12/04 at 02:15 (144150)

Kathy, don't listen to Judy. The next time you decide it's time for a new computer, give Apple a chance. The technology is a million miles beyond pc. Once you get used to working on a different machine, you'll find it much easier to use - everyone does, that's how it's made. The OSX system is very stable, never crashes, and is, as we know from John, and as I've been told by Nancy N, impervious to viruses - Nancy says the system doesn't know what to do with them. As you know, I thought I was having virus trouble the other day because one or two odd things were happening, but all is well now - it must have been something else (or my imagination being worked on by all the horror stories :))

I have a new (relatively new - six months old) iMac. It's a beautiful object as well as a wonderful computer, and it gives me pleasure whenever I see it. You can't say that of any of the putty-coloured columns, can you? And the flat digital wide screen is, as John says, marvellous.

End of commercial. (All us Mac users are like that.)

Re: Windows Users

Kathy G on 2/12/04 at 09:14 (144158)

You really are! It's like an elite club. As I've said, we had ten pc's at our library for public use, but only three Macs. Mac users would wait for the Macs to free up rather than use the others!

I'm glad you didn't have a virus, Julie! My friend's computer got the virus that was going back when you were having the problem and it wiped everything off of her computer.

Re: Windows Users

john h on 2/12/04 at 09:38 (144164)

All hail to Mac. For what ever reason Mac users are finantic about their Macs. It is more than just a computer. A Mac used thinks of his computer like he would his flashy European sports car Many of the Mac boards people discuss Macs as though they were human.

Re: Windows Users

Will B. on 2/12/04 at 10:47 (144176)

Macs are no less secure than windows based PC's. My business is sever security. The reason windows based PC's are riddled with more viruses is because there are 1000 times more of them, and thus become more targeted. I use linux also on another partition of my hard drive, which is thought of as much more secure but it's not. If most of the worlds PC's were based on Linux it would be the same thing that's happened to microsoft.Many of the common viruses that effect windows based PC's are now done with mail bombs and scripts, and maliscious java code, and now of course through Internet explorer and the 'messenger' service. This is not the same thing as Instant messanger. Messenger service runs in the background and can allows exploits on your system. You can safely disable 'messenger' manually but you can also do it with this application at GRC


Additionally, as hard as it may be to believe many windows users are simply not very savvy about how to set up windows to block ports correctly with a good firewall and a NAT router (for home use). More info here

As far as the user above having macs in the same office that did not get affected if it was on the same network and using the same browsers and browser settings and email clients then it was an anomalie. Most office viruses are done through email clients with attachments that are opened without being detected by the firewall or antivirus. It's not usually OS based, especially if the sysadmin knows what they are doing. It's server security based.

If you walk into a store and look Macs, yes they are beautiful works of art, but state of the art as far as speed they are not. This is not debateable at all. The latest G-mac is fast though but no nearly what a new athlon A-64 or P4EE would be. I run an Athlon FX51 with a 21 Inch NEC LCD and a self built rig with this case


As far as speed is completely obliterates the mac. I get 3 times the frames per second on 3D apps, and my LCD is 16 Milloseconds (Absolutely no ghosting).

I will conced though that the MAC OSX is really, really good. Better than windows on most fronts, but not necessarily more secure, which i why I use linux along with Windows.But the problem with Linux to some extent is driver compatibility, but it's getting better. I also write new drivers for linux. But yes, Macs are beatiful to look at.

Here is another link for a good windows site


Re: Windows Users

Kathy G on 2/12/04 at 15:49 (144200)

Wow, Will, what a wealth of information! Thank you so much! Later when I have time, I will go to all those sites.

It's hilarious. In my family and amongst my friends, I'm considered the computer guru and what I know you could fit into a thimble. Their problems are often pretty easy to fix but it's kind of funny because they think I'm some sort of genius. They should see your post!!

The one thing I've found with computers is that you can't really do anything terrible to them, as long as you have a proper firewall and virus program, and set a restore point. That's how I've learned what I know. I'll try anything once. And I know how nice most of the techs at HP are :)since on two occasions, I've had to call them when I got carried away. Well, actually, once it was because Microsoft released a patch that wasn't compatible with Windows ME or maybe it was XP. Whatever it was, they'd gotten so many phone calls by the time I called, they were able to help me out immediately. The other time it was strictly my doing.

I think, in another life, I'd have gone into some realm of computer science as long as I had plenty of social interaction as well.

Re: dump windows

Steve on 2/16/04 at 20:21 (144429)

Windows is over priced and expensive.

I am told it has next to no built in security.

MACS are affordable these days. Linux is cheap -> free, and is getting to be fairly easy to use.

Given all that there are less reasons to use windows.


Re: dump windows

john h on 2/17/04 at 10:10 (144465)

Windows is the system because they got out in front of Mac when Mac should have made their system available to all takers. Windows also has more software but it most cases this is non starter for the typical user. It reminds me of the VCR format experience. Beta by Sony was by far the superior technology for a VCR but it lost out to our current inferior VCR technology for reasons other than which was best. Now VCR tapes are headed to the dumpster with the rapidly dropping prices of machines that burn your DVD's. The DVD's take up less space, put out a better quality picture and do a host of other things that a VCR cannot do. These new machines are now under $400. I think Gateway has one for $320. .

Re: dump windows

JudyS on 2/17/04 at 10:54 (144468)

About those DVD's - I have yet to rent a movie on DVD that isn't damaged somehow preventing us from seeing the entire movie. I just go back to renting good old video tape movies.

Re: dump windows

john h on 2/17/04 at 11:21 (144470)

Judy you must be renting some black market DVDs.

Re: Don't forget Linux.

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/18/04 at 00:47 (144554)

Don't forget Linux.

Re: Don't forget Linux.

john h on 2/18/04 at 08:44 (144577)

I have certainly noticed Linux is on the move and giving Bill Gates fits.

Re: Don't forget Linux.

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/18/04 at 21:31 (144660)

I live in the Seattle area and feel some limited loyalty to Microsoft although I am not completely happy with their business practices. I tend to place the blame on what I feel may be outdated copywrite laws which were written before anyone could imagine the impact of owning the largest set of computer operating systems means -- almost like having a copywrite on the English language.