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Pinky Toe

Posted by Shari P on 2/11/04 at 17:02 (144114)

What does your pinky toe do? Also, what would happen if you accidentally got your pinky toe cut off. I have a paper do at school and this is the topic. Please help me as soon as possible. This is due tomorrow!!! I have searched on the internet for hours and can't find anything.

Re: Pinky Toe

Dr. Z on 2/11/04 at 17:52 (144124)

Search the internet under hammer toe

Re: Pinky Toe

Dr. David S. Wander on 2/11/04 at 17:59 (144126)

The pinky toe. Isn't it the responsibility of the little toe to go to the market. (This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home....etc.). Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Re: Pinky Toe

Julie on 2/12/04 at 01:54 (144144)

Hi Shari

That's an interesting question!

One of the main functions of the toes - all of them - is to help us maintain our balance when we stand and walk. The absence of any one of them would make a huge difference to our stability. This is especially true of the pinky toe (and its opposite number the big toe). Without either, we would be very unstable and vulnerable to falling over and to accidents such as twisting our ankles.

Try this. Stand, barefoot, with your weight evenly balanced between your heels and the balls of your feet, and on the inside and outside edges of your feet. Lift your pinky toes (yes, it's possible, but one or two of the middle toes may lift as well). Notice how your weight automatically shifts to the inside edges of your feet. Now try to walk a few steps. How does it feel?

That's how you would feel if your pinky toe were cut off.

Now, stand balanced as above. Press your pinky toes gently into the floor. Notice how you immediately feel more balanced, more stable, more grounded, more secure.

That's what your pinky toe does.

I hope this answers your question, Shari. What an odd topic for a school paper, though! You aren't, by chance, thinking of having cosmetic foot surgery, are you? I'm sure you can see from what I've told you that that would be awfully unwise. Our feet are miracles of engineering, in which every bone, muscle, ligament - and toe! has a purpose. No-one should ever tamper with her feet.

Re: Pinky Toe

Julie on 2/12/04 at 01:58 (144145)

No no, David, it's the BIG toe that goes to market. Don't you remember?

Starting from the big toe:

This little piggy went to market
This little piggy stayed home
This little piggy had roast beef
This little piggy had none

And THIS little piggy (the pinky) cried wee wee wee, all the way home.