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foot numbness

Posted by Gary B. on 2/11/04 at 17:06 (144116)

I have a numbness in both feet half way down the foot from the instep
down to the toes .It feels like i had a shot of novacain and it never came
completly out. I also have pain shoot through them .Hope you can help.
[I don't have a problem with my hands]
Sincerely yours

Re: foot numbness

john k on 2/11/04 at 21:31 (144138)

Do you have diabetes?

Re: foot numbness

Gary B. on 2/13/04 at 18:55 (144285)

My sugar runs from 100 to 168 in the morning. [No breakast]. My doctor seems to think I
have diabetes, But I have never been treated for it. [my age is 61]
yours truly GARY B.

Re: foot numbness

Micki Q on 2/17/04 at 23:10 (144545)

I have had the same symptons. My sugar count is good. My Dr did a nerve conduction test which showed nerve damage called neuropathy. Good Luck. You need to see a Dr. After many RX's and treatments I am now seeing a chiropractor and I am having good results. You can see my previous posts under Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.