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Posted by Sammy R on 2/11/04 at 20:13 (144134)

I have atypical PF in both feet, received ESWT on both of them in September. As of today (February 11) I have seen zero improvement. At what point should i realize its not going to work?


Steve G on 2/11/04 at 21:55 (144140)

If you have not seen any improvement in 5? months, there is good chance you won't see any - or at least not as much as you hoped. 16 weeks is usual given for the cut off point; however, I have heard it said that you can see improvement for up to a year. Was most of the pain in your heels - at the insertion point? If so, are your heels just as painful as they were before the treatment?


Sammy R on 2/12/04 at 10:18 (144169)

The pain is in the entire heel, and the pain is just as bad as before.


dean d on 2/12/04 at 16:38 (144205)

How long have you had heel pain? After ESWT did you change any of the following: Activity level, taping, orthotics, ect.? If you combine daily taping with orthotics you can reduce the tension in the fascia, which, over several months can reduce inflamation and pain unles your heel pain is caused by something else.I thought the thickening in my heel was caused by scaring. Later, I learned it was active inflamation caused by the daily 'pulling' of the fascia. It turned out that taping daily by itself still could not totally elminate the pulling with each step. Once I combined taping with orthotics he pulling was much less. Also, the tape holds longer when using orthotics


Sammy R on 2/12/04 at 17:19 (144209)

I have had PF for more than 15 years. In the past I have tried all of that to no avail ( taping, ice, stretching, orthotics, etc. etc. etc.)