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Pilates helped me a whole lot!

Posted by Ricardo Lugo on 2/12/04 at 12:44 (144191)

Hello! I used to come to this place when I only had 3 or 4 months of pf. Now Ive been with it for 1 year and 3 months. About 4 weeks ago I went to my 11th doctor, and orthopedist that specializes in foot and ankle. It was my second visit with him, and he wanted to give me a second cortisone shot on my heel. I told im that the first one that he gave me (11 in total last year) did not do much for me. He decided to put a cast on my foot, knee high. Then he put me on some steroid pill, wich you take for 6 days. Well, after 8 days I started to hurt pretty bad again, and I decided that I was going to loose some weight doing some kind of exersice. I had bought my wife a dvd of Winsor Pilates. It didnt seem impossible with a cast, so I gave it a shot. Guys, THE DAY AFTER, when i woke up, i was expecting my usuall chronic pain. When I placed my feet on the floor, i was able to get up with about half the pain that i had.. I've been on pilates for 2 and a half weeks and i am almost pain free. Now, I did make some adjustments on my diet. No eating after 8:00 pm, no cokes, and losts of water. I hope that I could inspire someone to do this and get well like I am. I now that PF is not fun! God help all of you to get rid of it! Ricardo Lugo.

Re: Pilates helped me a whole lot!

john h on 2/12/04 at 16:12 (144203)

Good information Richard. I am always watching pilates classes at the health club I attend. I may ask the instructor about it.

Re: Pilates helped me a whole lot!

Ricardo Lugo on 2/12/04 at 18:21 (144212)

give it a try! The first time is not going to be very pleasent! You are going to be stretching your whole body! But afterwords you'll see that you are going to feel much better. I wouldnt have believe it if I had not done it. Best wishes!

Re: Pilates helped me a whole lot!

Dorothy on 2/13/04 at 00:05 (144223)

Ricardo - I believe you! I also bought some Pilates tapes and planned to do them as part of a non weight-bearing fitness program. My husband - who is already very fit - started doing them and found them very challenging and really thinks they are great. So I have been joining him - and for one who is not in good fitness these days (from so much 'resting'), I found them HARD!!! But good. I agree with you and even after one or two times doing them, I think they help the feet in some way. I don't even complete all of it because I really can't do them yet. My theory about it (and this is just MY idea without any other basis) is that if we strengthen the abdomen and back, we begin to bring into the center and raise the muscular foundation we need (that 'core') and that might take some of the burden off the back/hamstrings/calves/ankles and feet - and maybe that is why it helps. I read a study recently about the value of strengthening the 'intrinsic' (not sure what that is) muscles of the feet for PF and Achilles tend. pain reduction/elimination. This seems to be the rationale behind the Foot Trainers, too, which are also very helpful.
Continued good luck and improving health to you!

Re: Pilates helped me a whole lot!

Ricardo Lugo on 2/13/04 at 10:05 (144253)

Hello! I dont know if you are doing the Pilates that they sell on TV. They are called: Windsor Pilates. Im doing the 20 minutes session, wich is really hard at first. But after 2 weeks I am almost ready for the one that is an hour long. I told yesterday my orthopedist about what had happened since I started doing Pilates and he told me that Pilates not only strenghten your body but stretches the heck out of it specially on the spine zone! Thats exactly what I felt; my whole back and my legs have never known such intense stretches. Really, as long as they keep on working helping me to get rid of PF, i dont care what its doing as good! Happy Valentines to all! Ricardo. Hey, I now what being innactive is all about!

Re: Pilates helped me a whole lot!

Richard, C.Ped on 2/13/04 at 12:45 (144268)

And what exactly are you watching at those pilates classes John??? Does Mrs. John know about this??? hahahahaha

Re: Pilates strecths for the feet

sammy p on 2/13/04 at 14:58 (144272)

Ricard what strecthse does pilates implement for the feet??

Re: Pilates strecths for the feet

Ricardo Lugo on 2/13/04 at 17:51 (144283)

Directly to the feet, none! But, the ligaments of your feet, specially the PF are attached somewhere that other ligament is attached to. The little that I understood is that by stretching the leg as a whole, and then the hamstring and the calfs, makes that the whole ligament family on your legs loosen. I just wrote about what worked for me after a year and a few months. I've tried pretty much everything prescribed for PF without any good results until now! Sam, give it a try! Good luck.

Re: Pilates helped me a whole lot!

john h on 2/13/04 at 18:28 (144284)

Richard I see you are still on top of your game.

Re: Pilates helped me a whole lot!

Pete on 2/17/04 at 11:41 (144475)

Did pilates for a year and it didn't help my feet. It did however, give me a very flat stomach and gives you a good stretch, particularly backs. Bear in mind it takes some weeks to have even a small effect so be patient and keep at it !