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Socks and PF

Posted by AndrueC on 2/13/04 at 07:11 (144241)

I think this subject has been touched on before but I can't remember.

Does anyone else find that wearing socks can actually irritate their feet? I'm talking about normal, everyday socks here not compression socks. If I wear socks then by the end of the day my feet will feel a bit 'put-out'. Not seriously painful but definitately uncomfortable - kind of 'making their presence felt'. It's also the kind of discomfort that doesn't get any worse when I stand up or walk around (I have a desk job).

As I've mentioned before my feet are now more than functional and I guess I'm getting close to being healed. Why should standard men's socks irritate my feet to such an extent?

Re: Socks and PF

john h on 2/13/04 at 09:52 (144252)

Ah Andru - a subject dear to my heart. I often tell the girls on the board that real men do not wear socks with their birks but so far the girls have put me down. A few years ago it was even cool to wear loafers with out socks but shoes without socks might put you in the strange catagory. I think I would get blisters if I wore shoes without socks.

Re: Socks and PF

IanJ on 2/13/04 at 12:05 (144265)

YES!! I find I can wear normal shoes now with Superfeet inserts and socks but by midday my feet hurt again. When I wear my sandals with no socks (of course!) my feet feel good all day long. The problem is rainy days and the weird looks I get in the winter (despite living in California).

Re: Socks and PF

IanJ on 2/13/04 at 12:13 (144266)

'Why should standard men's socks irritate my feet to such an extent?'

My theory is that the muscles have lots of scar tissue and are tender when almost healed. The extra fabric between the foot and the insole moves around under the foot and irritates the tender muscles. When there is no fabric there the foot contacts the insole and 'sticks' providing less movement and less irritation.

FWIW, when I brought the sock issue up with my Podiatrist, he looked at me like I was crazy.

Re: Socks and PF

dave r on 2/16/04 at 07:11 (144380)

I also dont like wearing socks! Yuk

Re: Socks and PF

john h on 2/16/04 at 13:35 (144402)

Good man Dave.