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Finally good news

Posted by Lari S on 2/13/04 at 11:54 (144260)

Well, I have finally healed enough to get off of the wound vacuum. What a relief not being attached to a machine 24/7! It has been a long road since my surgery on Oct. 3rd. I won't know what to do with all my free time not having to go to the hospital every other day to get the thing changed. I still have to go to PT for my PF and dorsal flex problems, but am hopeful that I will continue to improve. The doctor said my insurance has agreed to pay for orthics and shoes, so I go to the C. Ped on Monday.

Re: Finally good news

Terri on 2/19/04 at 21:40 (144751)

Lari, sorry I took so long to reply here, but I meant to ask you what the vacuum does, or did, exactly. How did Monday go?

Good thing your insurance pays for orthotics, mine didn't. But I was able to pay in installments. Good news tho, just today I got a check from the outpatient surgery center reimbursing me the $100.00 they said was my co-pay. Turns out my insurance covered it after all. Just in time for the eye dr appt on Saturday. If it ain't one thing, it's another.... :-)

Re: Finally good news

Lari S on 2/20/04 at 13:16 (144824)

The wound vaccuum kept a constant negative pressure on the incision to promote healing and fill in the incision. It sounded like a coffe pot perking. I had so many infections (due to being a type 1 diabetic) that it just would not heal and ended up being a wide, deep crevice that was constantly oozing.

So far, we've been lucky with the new insurance HMO. We were forced into an HMO after 20 years of having traditional insurance in July '03. They paid 100% of the surgery, all the weekly Dr. follow-ups for 3 months, PT 3 times a week, wound care every other day and for the shoes/orthics. We are definitely getting our $23.55 monthly premium out of this.

Re: Finally good news

Terri on 2/21/04 at 08:06 (144904)

You have some great insurance!! Mine's not too bad either, haven't seen a bill yet for any of this. Just make the co-pay at the dr's office and off I go.

Just wondering about something here....if dr's can practically rebuild a knee thru orthoscopic surgery, why can't that be applied to TTS surgery? Guess that's another question for my dr next month. Could be the area's too small.

Glad to hear you're doing so much better Lari.