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Plantar fasiities surgery

Posted by Cindy H on 2/13/04 at 12:01 (144263)

Hi I had a Plantar Fasiities release done on my left foot back in Nov. 2003 and it is now Feb. 2004 and I'm still out of work. My foot is swollen and has a big hard bump on the bottom. I can not even walk, I get really bad shooting pains in my heel and also where my incision is. The Dr. that did the surgery can not and will not give me any answers as to what is wrong. Can you give me maybe some hope on this situation. I would really appreciate it. One more things do you think that by chance that my nervous could have been damaged, because there is alot of numbness on the bottom of my foot also. Thank you Cindy

Re: Plantar fasiities surgery

Bill G. on 2/13/04 at 14:14 (144271)

Have your attorney contact your doctor and he'll provide you with answers very quickly!!

Re: Plantar fasiities surgery

Dr. Z on 2/13/04 at 15:06 (144275)

Get a second opinion. Sounds like some level of nerve problem