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Plantar Fascitis

Posted by Donna O'Neil on 2/14/04 at 19:19 (144319)

I have had plantar fascitis about 7 months now. I have been seeing a podiatrist and he has had me on Bextra, icing my feet and finally two weeks ago injected both feet with a cortiosteroid. No change. I asked him if I should see someone to make some orthodics for me and he said not yet. Why do you think he said this? Nothing has changed. I am on my feet all day long ( about 14 hrs.) on cement floors at a hospital. I do have Spenco inserts in my shoes but they aren't doing much. I am cutting my hrs back but I just don't think this will help much. I did talk to an orthodic guy before I went to see my poditrist and he put me in a boot to sleep in at night. I sleep on my stomach and could not sleep at all. When I did see my poditrist he told me if the fascia is torn I do not need to be stretching it with a boot. Therefore, I got rid of the boot. I have not had an MRI to determine if the facscia is torn so how does he know? I am so frustrated. I want to get back into my walking routine especially for the summer so I can walk on the beach.
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Re: Plantar Fascitis

Bud on 2/14/04 at 21:41 (144324)

I'm not a doctor but one classic symptom is the first step pain in the morning. If when you first get out of bed after sleeping all night and there is extreme pain in the heel you may have PF
There are several Dr.'s on this message board. Make another post and refer them to Dr. Z or Dr. Wander they will be able to help or give you advise on what to do or try.


Re: Plantar Fascitis

Julie on 2/15/04 at 02:26 (144333)

Donna, I'm not a doctor, but I would suggest that you look for another podiatrist. You need a fuller examination than this one seems to have given you, including an evaluation of the way you walk, to determine the cause of your PF. Then you need a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the cause. Anti-inflammatories, ice, and cortisone do not constitute a comprehensive programme.

You've suggested orthotics to your podiatrist, and if biomechanical faults in your walking have caused or contributed to your PF, then these are called for, and the sooner the better; but his 'not yet' suggests that he hasn't tried to ascertain whether or not you need them. Maybe you don't, but it's high time you found out!

You should read the heel pain book (click on the blue link) to inform yourself about PF. There is much you can do for yourself, including simple adjustments to your life style. I would not have known, for example, that one should never go barefoot, because that puts extra strain on the plantar fascia. Rest is important: don't try to 'walk through the pain'. Always wear good, supportive shoes - trainers, or better yet your hiking shoes. Avoid high heels.

Taping, which supports the arch, can relieve pain and 'rest' the fascia thereby contributing to healing: there are instructions in part 2 of the heel pain book.

These are just a few ideas to be getting on with, but I truly think that the most important thing is to change your doctor and find one who will get at the cause of your problem and help you deal with it on all fronts.

Re: Plantar Fascitis

marty y on 2/17/04 at 07:51 (144456)

I suffer from similar symptoms. usually during the day the pain subsides. However at night and during sleep the pain in my feet is burning pain. I finally went to the ER yesterday and asked them to check it out. The performed a blood/sugar test and found it was perfect. They quickly ruled out diabetes, do you have diabetes? If not you should have it checked. Also, I run alot (on a treadmill), If you exercise or can recall any strain done in your foot area that may help.