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New Dornier Feature

Posted by Dr. Z on 2/15/04 at 17:43 (144356)

I just received a new piece of software for the dornier epos ultras. We are able to know the total amount of energy given at F2 at any time during the treatment. What makes this a practical improvement. If a patient for what ever reason is feeling the treatment you can reduce the energy level but still achieve the total energy of 1300mj/mm2 by increasing the total amount of pulses.
In theory you could do a high energy one treatment without any anesthesia what so ever

Re: New Dornier Feature

MARK L on 2/15/04 at 19:16 (144361)

Not very new Dr. Z. I saw it on the Dornier that comes to the office of my podiatrist friend about 8 months ago. The effect of the treatment may not just be the total energy in mj/mm2 applied but the strength of the pulses totaling 1300 mj/mm2. So 1300 mj/mm2 applied by using 16,250 pulses @level 3 on the Dornier which is .08mj/mm2 or 86667 pulses @level 4(.15/mj/mm2) may not have the same effect as treating @level 7.

Re: New Dornier Feature-typo correction

MARK L on 2/15/04 at 19:19 (144362)

correction of a typo--it's 8667 pulses @level 4

Re: New Dornier Feature

Dr. Z on 2/15/04 at 20:39 (144370)

True because it is the rate per ( 240) minute that has a direct effect on the cavitation property. You may been able to still go with a non anesthetic in some cases. Where I see this feature being very useful is with tennis elbows.
The dornier you saw may be a new unit. Ours is one of the first delivered in the USA. I still love the older ultrasound unit that I have . The screen is bigger and the picture resolution is great

Re: New Dornier Feature

Dr. J on 2/17/04 at 08:07 (144459)

That's false. Read the recent JAMA article on shoulder calcifications. Increasing the total number of shocks does not accomplish the desired effect the Dornier rep is espousing.

Re: New Dornier Feature

Dr. Z on 2/17/04 at 08:42 (144462)

We are talking about the rate of shocks per minute. What specific desired effect are you talking about? I am talking about cavitation. To be more specific the rate and the energy level both play a role with cavitation. I have read the shoulder article

Re: New Dornier Feature

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/20/04 at 19:54 (144858)

Dr. Z:
I would tend to favor that for achilles tendinosis.