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Posted by David B on 2/16/04 at 02:42 (144376)

I have had 3 A.R.T. (active release therepy) treatments going again today and Im not well but I believe my foot is starting to get better. I know it feels much better than it did even after 2 E.S.W.T. treatments. I believe ART will work with time. I highly recommend to people that there insurance will not pay for shock wave treatments to give ART a try, if your insurance pays for chiropracter care it will pay for this.


carolw on 2/16/04 at 23:33 (144442)

Where did you find the ART therapist? I would love to try this in the bay area?
What is the time between treatments?
Congratulations on feeling better!


David B on 2/17/04 at 05:57 (144452)

I live 70 miles where my ART therapist is so I only go twice a week, the rule is you have to wait at least one day betweem visits. Here is the website you can go to and type in your city and it will show the chiropractors that is qualified to do ART. http://www.activerelease.com/providerSearch.asp
Do you have high tolerance for pain? If you ever had any corizone shots then you know how much that hurts. Having ART done does hurt but it is a good kind of pain. You ever hear that saying no pain no gain, thats kinda like this. If you don't allow the dr to get in there and break up the scar tissue this procedure will not work. I figure I can deal with a little pain now and IF my foot gets better I won't have any pain later. My dr told me that im the 1st patient that has allowed him to get as deep into the scar tissue as he needs too, this will speed up my healing process (I hope but my PF is really bad), he said if I didn't allow him to do this it would take alot longer for me to feel better. Yesterday, when I went I walked in limping when I left I was walking normal. yes, my foot is pretty sore this morning but its a different kind of pain, not pain from the PF. I think this will work giving time, I wish I would have done ART before I wasted $5500 on shock wave treatment! Anymore questions email me at (email removed)