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ESWT 2 Years Ago

Posted by Robyn C on 2/17/04 at 15:13 (144487)

Hi, I was diagnosed with PF on my rt foot in 2000, had ESWT spring of 2001. It was caused by over training for a marathon. I had almost entirely stopped running until recently. After a run, I still feel a mild pain in the same area as before(size of a nickle) inside my heel. I have custom orthos/ support shoes/ and I stretch my calves fairly well afterwards. My question is: Do people EVER fully recover and should I still have pain after having had ESWT 2 yrs ago? Should I see my podiatrist again? I also wear neoprene arch supports in addition to the orthotics.

Re: ESWT 2 Years Ago

Dr. Z on 2/17/04 at 16:48 (144504)

How much pain reduction did you receive from the ESWT?

Re: ESWT 2 Years Ago

Robyn C on 2/18/04 at 08:38 (144574)

When I didn't run at all, which was for months at a time, the pain went away about 70%. Now that I am trying to get back into shape, the pain is coming back and is 50% on some days. I am trying to stretch more often and I wear a neoprene/velcro arch support that wraps around my foot- similar to taping. I ran 3 miles yesterday and it's flaring up today.

Re: ESWT 2 Years Ago

Dr. Z on 2/18/04 at 19:02 (144651)

May want to consider a 2nd eswt session