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Big Toes Problem

Posted by Connie on 2/17/04 at 15:44 (144489)

I am six months postop bilateral big toe joint replacement. The doctor diagnosed middle medial elevatus of both big toes and said the problem would clear up at the 12 month point and that he couldn't do anything about it in the mean time. (The doctor also said the medial levatus of the big toe is usually caused according to him by a tight ankle whiich I didn't have?) Even though I have orthotics, it is very painful to walk and is causing a lot of problems to my knees, hips, and back because I am walking on the outside of my feet.

If it will clear up in six months is it logical to ask why something can't be done at this point until the one year period to help alleviate the pain and get me back to walking correctly until then.

Many Thanks, Connie

Re: Big Toes Problem

Dr. Z on 2/17/04 at 23:08 (144543)

How about physical therapy? It sounds like the big toe joint is elevated probaby from a tight tendon and or joint. Toe raises and or physical therapy can help. If there is pain inside the joint if may or may not improvment with time and or physical therapy.

Re: Big Toes Problem

Connie on 2/22/04 at 00:09 (145002)

Dr. Z

Toe raises are really hurtful. When I come down on my feet my joint and surrounding areas really hurt. Could this also be a reason why I am throwing my weight to the outside of my foot? Thanks Again! Connie