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Dr Z

Posted by lauriel on 2/18/04 at 16:23 (144637)

okay here is a little backrground - I had TTS surgery in 12/02, it was a slow healing process but I was doing much better - walking playing golf, etc. last April I had orhodics made but they were horrible, these full length blue foam thigns that barely fit into my shoes, And I was getting better, but then I got PF and now I am in lots of pain. I recently bought a pair of Brooks running shoes - I only walked in t em for 15 minutes. My shooting pain (from TTS) started in my ankle (depressing) and the pf is painful all from walking in these shoes for 15 minutes. I also just pick up a new pair of orthoditics today, they are semi rigid and they are designed for my overpronation. The guy who made them is a perthodits and a PT. Now here is my question:

I put them in my shoes, they felt comfortable, even walking, but the angle or whatever - I got the shooting TTS pain in teh 1st few steps I took.

He wants me to work thru this pain (right) I am like I had surgery to correct this problem, he is telling me it will get better amd I am just really flard up right now. Yowza!

so is he right or am I jut going to send myself in constant agony like many posters and here and further damage myself. he said the orthodics design is to give me relief from the PF but yet it is flaring the TTS I thougth I got rid of.

what is your take on this?


Re: Dr Z

Pam S. on 2/18/04 at 19:02 (144650)

Dr. Z and Lauriel:
I join you, Lauriel, as the same thing has happened to me when I try to wear ANY type of orthodic in ANY shoe. I get TTS pain. So I have stopped wearing them altogether also. So we pronate etc. I also have PF

Dr. Z. I just believe there are SOME of us who for whatever reason cannot tolerate orthodics. Even if we gradually build up in them and all the things we know to do. Looking forward to your reply. Thx in advance. pam

Re: Dr Z

Dr. Z on 2/18/04 at 22:00 (144667)

Common sense should take over. I would use a short break in period for your orthosis. 15 minutes per day. If you can't do this then physical therapy may be in order. Taping can be used to calm the foot pain down and then you can try orthosis. At home heat ice and the heat can be very helpful with controlling pain an edema. We do have Richard on this site he may have some additional insight into your TTS/PF problem