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Still trying new things

Posted by Paul B. on 2/18/04 at 18:58 (144649)

The ESWT procedure was done to both feet last July. I'm not cured but there's no doubt it helped a lot. Then a little over a month ago my muscles seemed so tight! I started stretching my calf muscles and massaging my inner arches with a tennis ball. For a couple of weeks I made good progress. I was pretty excited! Doing this before ESWT would have quickly and reliably result in more heal trauma. But then, on perhaps the third week, I had an enormous setback with my left heal, (my worse side). However, to my delight, the recovery took a couple of weeks! Much faster recovery than before the ESWT. And I plan to start stretching again soon. I'm also going to try, Winsor Pilates, as recommended by Ricardo Lugo. I've ordered the DVD online.

I've worn orthotics for a year and a half. Initially it was podiatrist supplied custom orthotics. But the heals are very hard and rigid and elevated. They helped the PF but weren't very comfortable. On this message board last summer I learned about Chaco sandals. They're great! To bad it's so cold outside. And Chaco makes hiking shoes too. They're quite expensive. The shoe's innersole inserts are similar in shape to the insole of the Chaco sandal. It's a pretty good orthotic, but not quite as comfortable as the Chaco sandals. And Chaco shoes came with an additional pair of inserts, so I outfitted my dress shoes too. The Chaco innersole won out over the custom orthotics.

But then I read on this board about the Sole Custom Footbed. I bought a pair. You customize the Footbeds to fit your own feet. You heat them in the oven until they're the proper temperature. Sole provides a method of monitoring to determine when they are the right temperature. Then you take the Footbeds out of the over, put them in your shoes, and stand on them until they've cooled. With this, the Footbeds conform to the shape of your feet. They feel good! Better than my custom made orthotics, and made with better materials that will last much longer. I'm impressed with Sole Custom Footbeds and it's what I now use. They can be purchased online at the Sole Custom Footbed website for only $40 a pair! They're not however, as comfortable as the Chaco Sandals. By the way, Birkenstocks didn't work for me.

About those Chaco sandals! Why are they so comfortable? They have a just a little arch. But also the front inside of the sole, (ball side of the foot), is graduated so it's slightly thicker than the front outside of the sole. Could it be that this results in less of a pronation action when I walk? (By the way, I have high arches. My arch is so high it seems the little arch in the sandal couldn't be providing much direct suport in that area. (For years, before PF, I wore Teva sandals.)

And now, I've read favorable things about Dr Kiper's Silicone Dynamic Orthotics (SDO) on this board. Good information on Dr Kiper's site too. I'll probably try them. So far, the ESWT procedure and finding the best orthotics has helped my PT. And I'm glad for this message board to find out what others have learned.

Thanks for reading,

Re: Still trying new things

Dorothy on 2/18/04 at 22:00 (144668)

Thank you, Paul. I love to read the detailed 'reports' from people about what they are trying and have tried and what their experience is. It is how we all learn from each other. It's interesting how many different 'paths' there are in this foot journey. Continued improvement to you!