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Heat Treatment

Posted by Scott O on 2/19/04 at 17:14 (144738)

Does anyone know if heat will help relieve the pain? I would like to fall asleep while easing the pain, but with ice you can really make a mess.


Re: Heat Treatment

R C on 2/19/04 at 21:52 (144752)

I've heard recommendations not to sleep during either ice or heat treament. You should keep awake for any troubling signs, and the upper limit for either is 20 minutes (some say 12, some say 30).

Heat promotes circulation and so it could aggravate certain types of inflammations (hence work against pain relief), while the increase in circulation can promote healing (without necessarily relieving pain). Which factor dominates depends on the type of injury, and a judgment call

Re: Heat Treatment

RonB on 2/20/04 at 13:06 (144821)

Scott O
I can't take ice!! the pain is worse after icing. I use the gel-pack that you can put in the microwave. it does help me
Ron B

Re: Heat Treatment

Suzanne D. on 2/20/04 at 17:01 (144846)

The same with me...I gave up on ice months ago although I realize they help more people than not. The microwaveable heat packs help me. I use them for my neck with migraines and for my feet when they feel particularly stiff and painful.

Suzanne :)

Re: Heat Treatment

Suzanne D. on 2/20/04 at 17:04 (144847)

...'it' helps more people than hurts, not 'they'. Gracious, I shouldn't post when I'm so tired! #-o

Suzanne :)

Re: Heat Treatment

Julie on 2/21/04 at 02:50 (144895)

Warmth can relieve pain mainly because it relaxes the muscles that have tensed up against the pain. A gel pack, or a hot water bottle (if they still have such an untechnological thing in the States) gradually loses its heat (unlike an electric heating pad) so would be quite safe to go to sleep with.

If it's sleep you're after, ice is exactly what you don't need - I can't imagine a more effective waker-upper. And my experience with ice was, as others have said, that it does not help.