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Heal Pain

Posted by Mike P. on 2/20/04 at 09:41 (144789)

To start with, I appartently started having pain in my heels several years ago. I thought that it was the shoes that I was wearing. I have always worn boots of some sort. I changed the syle of boots that I wore. That worked for a while. Then it started all over again. The more I walked the more irritable I became. This last year be have purchase more shoes that I have in the last 10 years trying to find something that was comfortable. During the past year I have gained 50 pounds due to pain in my feet because I just have not felt like doing anything. I finally went to my family doctor. He determined that I had heal spurs and he referred me to a surgen. The surgen sold me $300.00 of foam rubber. To say the least I was not happy. Now the pain is so bad that after limping for so long I am starting to have pain and swelling in my knees. This really has affected my life syle. I am an active person and for the last 6 month I have just sat in the recline to stay off my feet so that I could function at work. If I stay off my feet and wear tennis shoes the tinderness goes away but the pain in my heal stays. Just the weight of my leg on my foot while driving a car is unbearable. While sitting in a chair the pain is like a shock in the heel. It will make you just cry out in pain involutary. I sure do need a help with this. I do not mind surgery if this will help. Anything got to be better than this.