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Can RSD Spread?

Posted by James on 2/20/04 at 11:29 (144809)

I had a Tarsal Tunnel Release in June and have since been diagnosed w/ RSD. My question is, can RSD spread to other parts of the body. I recently had a root canal and my dentist had to give me 7 shots to numb ONE tooth. He said my teeth were hyper sensitive. Even after 7 shots I still felt a lot of pain! I've had previous dental work and have had no problems. Any thoughts???

Re: Can RSD Spread?

Tammie on 2/20/04 at 11:51 (144812)

I am so sorry that you to have RSD,it is not a simple thing to deal with! As I understand it , and I personaly have had, spreadage. It can and does occur. That is why it is so verrrry important to be dx as early as you can be and start treatments.The nerve blocks and such are those that are used for slowing things down . To hopefully put the RSD in a type of remission and to prevent spreadage!

I am not sure how or where or for how long you have had RSD,or if you are being treated for it? What has been your treatments to date? I have a web site that is really good for RSD information and just for a message board if you are interested. It has been imformative,and my friends here guided me to it so if you are interested I would be happy to give it to u!

Did you mention this to your Dr. who is treating your RSD? As I also have found it is up to YOU to be sure they know.So they HEAR you,and not pass you over. As ofton I heard depression,yes that to goes with it. BUT it does not cause swelling, heat, coldness, dager or bone pain that only someone who expieranced this knows about. Also WHO would want to lie about something so awful? So please take care to make sure YOU are in tune with your body and that you report any thing that is not right.Also be sure they follow up with it.Even if it turns out not to be anything to do with it. At least you may rest knowing you did report it and hopefully they know what they are doing also! I hope this helps somewhat! Feel free to post if you would like the address of the RSD group. Good Luck!

Re: Can RSD Spread?

BrianG on 2/29/04 at 19:59 (145676)

Nice post Tammie! There will be people coming to these message boards with RSD from time to time, I hope that you continue to post, and point them in the right direction. Good job!