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North Face Targa

Posted by Dorothy on 2/20/04 at 11:50 (144811)

One last follow-up on this shoe discussion from recent discussion. First, anyone looking for this shoe might benefit from my error: I kept looking for The North Face Targas. The shoe is apparently called 'Targa'. Maybe Julie meant them as plural Targas and I took that to be their name. My error. Anyway, Targa seems to be the name used wherever they do appear for sale. On to that last point - elliott gave some links for finding these shoes and he did mention that they seem to be in short supply. Wherever I have looked - the sources that I did discover and then those that elliott gave - The North Face (manufacturer) Targa - has always been in the 'clearance' section and in one or two sizes - usually very small. As I previously said, I have been told these are not being made anymore (maybe that's the case - if it IS the case - just for the U.S. as Julie speculated).
None of this matters to me personally AND maybe others of you enterprising, searching souls WILL find them in plentiful supply but I have not. They seem to be on the 'discontinued' list as far as I can tell. But then, hey, what do I know! Maybe Julie, elliott and others can find them in the U.S. and everybody can give them a try.

What might be useful is for Julie or someone else who knows to try to determine if there is another North Face model that might still be available everywhere that has the same structural features as the Targa, but under different model name - something like that. Ok, I'm off the Targa case. Just trying to be helpful to others might have been looking for this shoe.

Did anybody ever get to try that Masai shoe that was discussed here late last year??

Re: North Face Targa

elliott on 2/20/04 at 13:10 (144822)

I'll add that I never endorsed the shoe, I was only finding it. As Richard points out, there are other considerations, e.g., if it has enough support and stability for those who need it. I think Julie has posted she has very high arches, so it may not work for someone with low arches.

A few of the sites seem to indicate the Targa is a 2002 model. It's no longer on The North Face's web site; it's probably been replaced with a newer equivalent model (which one it is would be a good question to ask The North Face rep). Sometimes updates kill the shoe, though. Anyway, since Europe is so behind, they still carry the old model. :-) In any case, if you really want that shoe and are willing to pay the shipping charges, you could always order from overseas.


Re: North Face Targa

Julie on 2/20/04 at 15:00 (144831)

Hi Elliott

You are right about updates killing a shoe - updates ruin most things (maybe those six new colours constitute the Targa update: I hope that's all there is to it - I'll have to find out). But you are not right about my arches. They aren't high, and I've never, ever said so. My feet are not quite flat, but almost. And they are wide. I like the Targa because it accommodates my wide feet, and has room in the toebox not just for them, but for my bunions (which make my feet wider at the front, of course) and for my orthotics. I think the shoe does have good support and stability. And it meets Richard's bending and heel count criteria.

In short, it's the ideal shoe - for me. But I've been careful to suggest it only when a poster with similar feet to mine, plus my need for a shoe that can accommodate orthotics, has asked about suitable footgear; and I've said on those occasions that the Targa suits me perfectly, but would not suit people whose requirements are different from mine. I don't want 'everyone' to try them. I know they wouldn't suit many, if not most, people. Horses are for courses.

I am also a walker, so I have suggested the Targa on one or two occasions to posters who have asked about a good walking shoe, which it eminently is, having deep tread, a thick sole, and good cushioning.

I've referred in previous posts to 'Targas', which seemed fair enough as there are two of them (one for each foot). In deference to Dorothy, whose search my use of the plural confused, I have adopted the singular.

My final word on this threadbare topic is: please don't look for Targa(s) if you have narrow feet. It/they will not fit. And don't look for them if you do not care for the big, clumpy, rather clumsy look in a shoe.

'Night all. :)