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to Rose

Posted by april1 on 2/20/04 at 11:55 (144813)

Rose, what did your doctor say? I have been following your situation on the board. I noticed months ago you said your foot was feeling better and you thought the surgery was a success. You also said you were babying your feet to let them heal. My doctor, a podiatrist, has told me to walk on it as much as possible to allow the plantar fascia to heal in a stretched position. He said it would be painful but that over time it would get better. He also said the first step pain is the last to go away. My surgery was in August, and only recently have noticed no first step pain. I had ankle pain too, and lots of other areas of pain that I now believe was from inactivity. Now that I am on my feet more (waitressing), I'm finally seeing improvements. I don't mean to sound invalidating to those who have had failed surgeries and are living with pain worse than before. But for me, pushing through the pain and walking anyway has helped me. Before I went back to work in December, my foot was worse than ever. My big toe was rigid from years of limping. My arch was tight and I couldn't take a normal stride. My ankle hurt from walking on the outside of my foot for years. My stride was completely unconscious and took time to get back to normal. One doctor told me 'use it or lose it'. I believe that now, that inactivity can cause more trouble.

Re: to Rose

Rose on 2/20/04 at 18:24 (144850)

Thanks for the information. He thinks I may have TTS now and has scheduled me for the nerve conduction test. I have been trying to walk more, but more than a few minutes and the pain intensifies to the point that I cannot walk at all the next day or so. So I tend to rest so it feels good. I will try though. The use it or lose it sure makes sense. I am doing some yoga and will try pilates. Some days it is so painful I have to use crutches.
It was healing well for several months, but then about two months ago, it started hurting more and more. My arch has collaped and the foot is very painful. I also tend to fall occasionally on that side. My balance is going.
Please do keep in touch. It is so hard to know what to do. I tried subbing at school one day several weeks ago and ended up in bed about three days from just partial standing and walking around.
Thanks again.