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Casual Shoes for work

Posted by samuel c on 2/21/04 at 09:46 (144912)

I have inner ankle tendonitis, and was wondering if there are any brand shoes that are casual wear for the workplace that are comfortable. I am not looking for hard dress shoes, but rather a rockport type. Can anyone offer me brands?

thnk you

Re: Casual Shoes for work

Linda L on 2/24/04 at 19:29 (145243)

hey samuel your quesition is also mines...but wondering how long you've had it and how you lessened the pain and symptoms?

Re: heh linda??

samuel c on 2/25/04 at 14:13 (145330)

i have tenosynovitis of the flexor hallucis longus and flexor digitorm longus tendons which basically control the big toe and the 4 other toes. i have not found any relief as i am curentl yin a hard cast. Tried shots(2) vioxx, heat, ice, therapy, iontophoresis patch, orthoics, stretchinng, and nothing is helping. guess i have to live with it. ehat have you tried linda??

Re: heh linda??

Linda L on 2/25/04 at 14:55 (145333)

Well i was diagnosed with Pf 8 months ago and my symptoms gett wors and better on different weeks but pain with each step, ive tried physical therapy 6 cortisone shots 3 in each foot and a couple days ago y inner ankle on my right fot started swelling along with very sharp pain. had my MRI today and taking it to the doc on friday, i was given crutches and given a brace for my right foot(the bad one) but as i am using the crutches and using my left leg as an aid my PF is coming back in my left foor and the symptoms of sharp pain and swelling are also occuring in the left foot. Dont kno what to do anymore, i think i need a wheel chair, its not easy when both feet are affected. do you have problems in both feet? and do you have any suggestions on how i can move around the house with both feet affected?

Re: heh linda??

samuel c on 2/26/04 at 08:10 (145399)

FortunTLEY Linda i have tenosynovitis in 1 foot, but i do see your point in developing pain in both feet. I would develop discomfort in my good foot because all my weight was on it when i was on crutches protecting my bad foot. So to keep it from getting out of hand, I know this may sound stupid but i started crawling with knee pads on so i would not screw my knees up. Mind you i was at home and not working at the time so i would not do this at work. with a wheel chair it would be too much of a disaster if your house is small but that also is a option. Did you try hard casting your foot? My orthpoedic foot and ankle specialsdt warmed against getting too many cortisone shots, because you may rupture the tendons. I have tried almost everything under the sun for my condition and it seems nothing is helping. im 33 and have a family and am petrified. you really take your feet for granted when you are feeling good. its such a bummer to have pain on resting as even in my case. i do not want to think about surgery because of the horror stories i hear on this board , but i guess if you can try and live with the pain it would be better than possibly causing total nerve problems which could be devasting. Have yoiu tried ACCUPOUNCTURE??????????? PEACE BE WITH YOU.

Re: heh linda??

Linda L on 2/27/04 at 01:12 (145489)

hey samuel ive thought about crawling on my knees but dont think its such a good idea since ill have to use my feet anyways to use the washroom or some sort of transfer of location, about the cortisone shots do u kno if too many shots would rupture the tendon right away or take a while to do? and yes you do take your feet for granted whn everything is normal and people just in general tend to take everything thats so normal in their everyday lives for granted especially the senses. you are 33 and have a family ya i can understand that but the best thing i would tell you to do is trust in god that he will take care of you and your family. and try to keep your worries at ease because the more stressed you are the harder it will be for your situation to get better(i should take my own advice) and hmmm also about acpuncture? no i havent tried it but what would that do for me?

Re: heh linda??

samuel on 2/27/04 at 07:38 (145497)

Acupucture can help releive pain. ask your dr about it. Go to a website called acupuncture today.com and it shows your foot can be treated with accupuncture. I caution you that if you are unnerving of needles then this may not be the treatment for you. They do not hurt it feels like a little prick and pressure thats about it. how old are u and where do u live? are u married? do you still work? i do belive in God and i truly hope he helps me and my family.



Re: heh linda??

Dorothy on 2/27/04 at 14:00 (145521)

One of those shower chairs maybe?
Also, even minimizing the amount of time on the feet may be a goal, if one absolutely go to zero time.

Re: heh linda??

Dorothy on 2/27/04 at 14:06 (145522)

sorry - left out the word 'cannot' ..go to zero time.
Sign me: sleep deprived.

One other point - I think you might have been delicately and discreetly referring to toilet use when you said 'using the washroom...' and that whole process is the dreaded bane of existence for people with back pain and foot pain. Yet, amazingly, it is the one subject that I NEVER see addressed in any of the books etc. that deal with these problems. I have probably every book/video/etc. ever published for back problems and it is never mentioned. I have read posters' comments here about how they avoid eating in hope of avoiding 'using the washroom...'
I think it is actually a serious issue but one that is difficult for most people to talk about. It may be more of a problem for back-people than for foot-people, but being one of the lucky ones in both clubs, I can relate!

Re: heh linda??

Linda L on 2/28/04 at 00:47 (145558)

im 20, single, not working, but currently going to school but since this has happened i have to be droppping school this semester and hopefully only this semester. yes God will help you if you believe He will. As do i believe He will help others. God bless and i will pray for u and the rest with problems out there

Re: Casual Shoes for work

Will B on 3/06/04 at 11:24 (146213)

I now wear Clark shoes for men for casual wear. Found my first pair on a sale rack an JC Penny's around Christmas this past year. They are without a doubt the best shoes I have worn for PF. They just have the right fit. I now own 3 pair and had to order them online here at Zappos. They are made in England. Great craftmanship too.


Re: Casual Shoes for work

Julie on 3/06/04 at 11:32 (146216)

Clarks are great shoes, Will - widely available here in England, very well made, and highly regarded. I didn't realise they were available in the States, and am glad to hear they are.

Re: Casual Shoes for work

Will B on 3/06/04 at 11:49 (146218)

Yes Julie, they are fantastic. And great looking as well. The insoles in them are really great with a slight but effective arch support and nice cushion. The all leather pairs I use Shoe trees in to keep out the moisture. These shoes, along with one pair of brooks beast, and some birks keep me going. Pain is there, but at times goes away. I also recently had ESWT with the Dornier so im hoping for the best.

Re: Casual Shoes for work

Rachael T. on 3/08/04 at 11:59 (146439)

Hello again - Yes, I am still doing much better than 3 yrs past....but continue to find 'true' & long lasting comfort....info on Clarks is interesting & I do have 1 pair - & shall try another soon. I wish I had stock in shoe companies as do all of you I am guessing! (from the # of shoes that we 'try!') I must say though, that I had a setback 1 week ago & after only 3 days of ibup. - I recovered & seem fine once again....it is good to know that setbacks aren't as long lasting nor as painy as once before. Soon, we will be departing Fla. & I shall be posting again from the north - & of course, prob. a few more wks. of cold weather! ugh! I hope to continue the rehab process & I certainly must say that I've pushed the envelope here in Fla. with all the biking, horse back riding, & swimming that I've done.....SDO's still my choice of 'wear' in my Brooks Ariels for the biking & I remain hopeful that recovery will occur!